Yukari Takeba
Persona 3

Cosplayer: Solaria

Variant: School uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

8th August 2012: OMG SOCKS This is after layer two~
Much happier with this outcome than my 1st attempt 8'D Gonna see what theyre like tomorrow as to whether I wana add a 3rd layer. Opinions and crit welcome <3 Yes, i stupidly used acrylic paint but it was the only I had and yup got lots of paint on my legs 8'D but wiped off

17th March 2011: Complete Going down as complete because well she is~
Im focusing on my other Kita cosplays now mainly Ranka & Stocking so probs get pics AT Kita~

26th January 2011: Other version oTL I wana do more maybe not the kimonos but defo the Winter and Summer outfits~ Maybe the beach one if everyone wants to go to one sometime :3

14th January 2011: Need to catch up x.x; I just have the jacket to stitch up (FinallY) and ordered a collar today :3 Just need to stitch on a heart when I get it!~ I'll probably take a tester when ive done the jacket as Cheetos styled my wig <3

27th July 2010: Shizz Im actually gonna do it properly :3 Waiting on a spanking new wig which is gorgeous for her~
And ive got some amazing ribbed stretch cotton for her cardigan~ if the wig arrives I do intend to slip her in at Amecon :3

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 5th January 2010
You make an amazing Yukari
<3 the pics XD

tteugeo avatar

tteugeo - 12th January 2010

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 12th January 2010
yeah today was epic XD

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 22nd January 2010
Yuka-tan! I would love to get pictures with you someday~ Let me know when you wear her to a con and I'll try and whip up my MC cosplay together 8D *has the black material ready~*
You make a really cute Yukari <333

Hobo-Hitsugaya avatar

Hobo-Hitsugaya - 30th November 2010

tteugeo avatar

tteugeo - 25th January 2011
Aaah, that wig is perfect!~ You will be the best Yukari ;w;

misfit_mosher avatar

misfit_mosher - 25th January 2011
Yukari!! <3 ^_^!!!!!!


imma be arisato minato sometime <3

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 25th January 2011
Awesome wig is awesome
-new Pics of P3 is a must- =D

Sherbet-Lemon avatar

Sherbet-Lemon - 26th January 2011
Woop :D looking great actually cant wait to see it complete i need to sort out mine i also need to somehow get P3 so i can play it properly :D

Social link Go ! :D

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 26th January 2011
Yes Other versions xD win 8D

Sherbet-Lemon avatar

Sherbet-Lemon - 26th January 2011
If my char is alive with other versions then yes :D

phalor avatar

phalor - 10th April 2011
You really suited Yukari~ you're such a cutiepie!

Ino avatar

Ino - 10th April 2011
I'm glad I got to see your Yukari! So cooooool :3 and the group looked amazing, wish I could have joined in T___T

Sunny-D avatar

Sunny-D - 13th August 2012
You make SUCH a great Yukari! :D