Sakon and Ukon

Cosplayer: Orihime

Variant: curse seal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 16th November 2007
I remember this costume! It's AWESOME to finally see you on here!

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 16th November 2007
WOW The BEST Sakon & Ukon cosplay i have seen!!!

Your so sweet in nature but man you get in to charcter really well and make this guy seem every bit as nasty and scary as he is...

Youve even gone as far as to sew a plushy scroll which looks great the contacts make up and wig coloring all add depth which makes this cos stand out even more, i wish i could have seen this in person.

kimpey avatar

kimpey - 18th November 2007
great work I am always happy to see some one really put work into a naruto cosplay.

Orihime avatar

Orihime - 19th November 2007
Thanks guys I really appreciate your comments :) Hehe 'sweet', you clearly haven't seen me in a bad mood...

hakuloveszabuza avatar

hakuloveszabuza - 20th November 2007
This costume is wonderful only wished I had been able to see it in the flesh! I is great to see one for the lesser characters being cosplayed and with such awesome style.

Komapsunida avatar

Komapsunida - 26th November 2007
wow!! this has to be one of the best naruto cosplays I've seen! <3 you look so scary and accurate! >_<

Adziu avatar

Adziu - 10th January 2008
Nice! The contacts are great.

Rel avatar

Rel - 21st April 2008
Awww it's a shame you can't see Ukon but the costume looks fab nontheless honey

Haynes84 avatar

Haynes84 - 12th May 2008
one mega scary costume lol was totally awesome seeing ya at Bristol Comic Con hope to see ya soon ^_^

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 12th May 2008
Wheeee I saw it in person! With all the freaky eyes and stuffs 8D

Was awesome meeting you ^^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th May 2008

i loved this cosplay! you looked so awesome!!!! you know when i was talking about the person i saw doing this cos?! it was you haha!... well that clear things out for me lol

really love it! you done a awesome job! glade i got to see this in flesh tooooooooooo!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 13th May 2008
LOL We compared scroll sizes I believe ;-)

It was awesome seeing you the other day hun! We should meet up more often!

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 13th May 2008
so scary yet so cool loved it though it tooks hours to put on you get their eventually and was well worth the effort

Larxene avatar

Larxene - 11th July 2009
You look absoloutely bloody fantastic! <3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th November 2010
Wooowh !! AMAZING cosplay !! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++... !!! Best Sakon-Ukon ever !