Yabuki Kana
The Idolmaster: Million Live

Cosplayer: Angel Tear

Variant: Enjoy Winter Date (Idolised)

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

4th November 2020: More work on the bodice and preparing the lining and the fashion layer. I also started patterning the cute hoodie that goes over the top! Luckily it wont need any closures and should be able to go over my head!

3rd November 2020: Today I didn't have as much time so I drafted the patterns for the handwarmers and the bows. Hopefully when the wovenmonkey order comes I can start cutting them out and get the skirt/bottom of the bodice cut too.

2nd November 2020: I continued work on the bodice, mostly getting the pattern pieces back on paper with extra allowance for the boning channels.

I've started drafting the pattern of my skirt. It's going to be a 3/4 circle skirt since a full one is likely to be too large and I'm going to have to sew a lot of sequins onto it, so I'm trying to preserve a little bit of sanity going into this.

The velvet sateen turned up today too so I can start the main bulk of the costume whenever I'm ready!

1st November 2020: I've been wanting to make this costume for the longest time and it's usually thwarted by me getting sick in the lead up to (and during) most of winter. Luckily with the global situation that's less likely to happen because I won't be going out!

So far I've purchased some fabrics, the white is going to be a velveteen which I used before when I did my snowflake lillyput costume some years back so it'll be nice and warm. I'm also going to be using some leftovers from other projects to help destash.

I also started work on the bodice which goes under the hoodie. I used a pattern with princess seams that I got from AnhCosplay on Etsy as a pack and chopped and drew on lines to make new seams.