Kingdom Hearts 3

Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th March 2019: Jewellery I bought a suitable necklace from an Etsy seller, LostToThePoppy and swapped the chain for a leather cord.

It was challenging to figure out the bracelets on the right wrist, even after taking as many cutscene screenshots as I could I’m not entirely certain of it. I liked Koumori no Hime's (https://www.koumorinohime.com/single-post/2019/02/10/Kingdom-Hearts-3-Kairi-Cosplay-Tutorial) interpretation of the pink beaded bracelet so I followed the same tutorial (http://blog.consumercrafts.com/jewelry-main/beaded-diy-wrap-bracelet/) and did my best to knot the ends accurately and add a large faceted bead and star charm at the closure.

The other bracelet is more simple – it’s pearl beads with a single star bead and a few other beads either side of the star which were my best guess at accuracy. I wanted to use elastic cord for it but the cord I had was too wide to fit through the beads so I had to use non-stretch thread which unfortunately means I had to include a clasp.

This was one of these projects where I was coming home every day to loads of different little parcels since I was getting some of the beads from one source, others from somewhere else, buckles off ebay etc. etc. and I must have spent ages hunting all of these components down!

20th March 2019: Cuff The cuff for the left wrist is silver leatherette and a I bought the studs and buckle on ebay. I did the innermost line of topstitching before setting in the studs since I wouldn’t be able to get the sewing machine foot close enough afterwards. I did the outer line of stitching after I lined it. I chose felt for the lining to ensure there’d be a decent layer covering the prongs of the studs.

This photo was taken before lining.

20th March 2019: Dress I bought the pattern from AnhCosplay on Etsy. I Iove sewing, but am less enthusiastic about drafting patterns and endless iterations to try to perfect them, so having a lot of the work done for me was ideal. Despite having a custom pattern for a change, it was still only a starting point. I made a mock-up to adjust the fit, proportions and figure out construction. My approach also did diverge from the pattern at times - as shown here, I adjusted the front yokes to make the black sections larger and to create inset corners for the accurate pink outline there.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 22nd March 2019
Really cute and nice detail on the bracelets!