Lenalee Lee

Cosplayer: phalor

Variant: Third Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 3rd June 2009
You always look amazing when you wear this! <3

phalor avatar

phalor - 3rd June 2009
I hope so! XD

tteugeo avatar

tteugeo - 10th January 2010
you make such a cute lenalee skjdghf ;w; <3

phalor avatar

phalor - 10th January 2010
Not really but usdhfus thank you! <3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 10th January 2010
Ahh you always were a great Lenalee!
Gutted to bits that I couldn't go to expo like. ;~;

phalor avatar

phalor - 10th January 2010
We should do another shoot up here then? D8
...When it's warmer.

Mew Den Chan avatar

Mew Den Chan - 23rd January 2010
Awesome stuff! *thumbs up* ^^

I never got to have a picture with a Lenalee when I was cosplaying Tyki... I'll be on the lookout for you when I next cosplay him 8D

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 6th August 2010
This cosplay's soo cute and pretty ^^

phalor avatar

phalor - 7th August 2010
Ah, thank you! (:

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 1st March 2011
So adorable! :3

phalor avatar

phalor - 17th March 2011
Thank you! :3