PlayExpo 2015

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Manchester, Event City

Sat 10th Oct 2015 - Sun 11th Oct 2015


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Aerith Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII Luminescence
Mikaela Hyakuya Owari no Seraph Spicary
Yuuri Kozukata Project Zero/ fatal frame: Maiden of Black Water Ranmaru cosplays
ada wong Resident Evil 4 Ranmaru cosplays
Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords TheStarlightFairy

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New site! New bugs?
delusional ( 27th April 2022) 13

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Cosplay/Con Plans 2022
M.Kesaiyn ( 14th April 2022) 4

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Meeting cosplayers
Carwyn_Owen ( 11th April 2022) 1

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Doki Doki 2022
Manchester - 27th Aug