MCM Scotland Comic-Con 2015

SECC, Glasgow

Sat 26th Sep 2015 - Sun 27th Sep 2015


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Ezio Assassins Creed 2 CosplayCreeper
Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender Shinigami_ky
Marty McFly Back to the Future concerning_kj
Poison Ivy Batman comics Sutekhian
Merlin BBC Merlin concerning_kj
Wonder Woman DC Comics Lady Wunjo
Deadpool Deadpool Hydraxia
Vegeta Dragonball Z lspcosplay
Tidus Final Fantasy X lspcosplay
Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones GracelessCosplay
Maiko Japnese Culture CosplayCreeper
Tsukasa Hiiragi Lucky Star LinseyPimms
Coma Doof Warrior Mad Max 4: Fury Road Zomboi
Domino Marvel Comics Hydraxia
Lady Loki Marvel Comics Lady Wunjo
Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat X LinseyPimms
Harley Quinn New 52 Comics Hydraxia
Alex Vause Orange is the New Black GracelessCosplay
Sailor Pluto Sailor Moon Ayuru
Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty Shinigami_ky
Chihiro Spirited Away LinseyPimms
Male Inkling Splatoon Sutekhian
Yvaine Stardust Angelphie
Yvaine Stardust Angelphie
Jasper Steven Universe Zomboi
Handsome Jack Tales from the Borderlands Marmite-666
Lexa The 100 Rhavia
Clarke Griffin The 100 Rhavia

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New site! New bugs?
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Cosplay/Con Plans 2022
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Meeting cosplayers
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Cosplay Commission
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