Cosplay Cruise 2010

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London, England

Sat 10th Jul 2010 - Sat 10th Jul 2010


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Alice Alice in Wonderland gaming_goddess
Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version) Frederica la Noir
Luppi Bleach bunneh.
tidus FFX hitmanx2
Rinoa Final Fantasy 8 Keekal
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII White Leviathan
Stella Nox Fleuret Final Fantasy XIII Versus Duo Maxwell
Batou Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG MangaChild
Shih-na Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations Loxes
Ball Gown Original Design SephNoir
Franziska Von Karma Phoenix Wright: Justice For All MollyMon
Empoleon Pokemon Dan
Captain Haddock Tintin Kuma
Lala ToLoveRU PokethePixie
Kaito Vocaloid cape_carnival

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New site! New bugs?
delusional ( 5th September 2021) 10

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Cosplay Commission
Heather212 ( 9th January 2021) 0

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Prop Blueprints for sale! and commission!
TugaChan ( 3rd September 2020) 0

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How to make colours bleed
TugaChan ( 12th July 2020) 0

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