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First experience of cosplay was the 2011 Hyper Japan and then again at the October 2011 MCM Comic Con in London.

2012 saw me approach cosplay from the cosplayers side at the first of Hyper Japan's shows of 2012. Choosing to crossplay Seven from Final Fantasy 0 in the Agito Uniform.

Later in the year i attended MCM expo as Chrome Dokuro ( Katekyo Hitman Reborn) and Erika from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (Gameboy advance game).

At Hyper Japan Christmas i went as Remy from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Deuce from Final Fantasy 0 ( Utilizing the same costume from Seven).

For 2013 , though i am attending many of the shows ,cosplaying every show is not confirmed as yet , I will be at MCM May ,but only for one day .

Being as i run a cosplay site i often get press passes to events ,so i often spend time taking pictures of other cosplayers and such like.

Time will tell what else comes out of the box so to speak for 2013.
Cosplaying has been fun and I'm sure i will be indulging this in 2013 a few times .

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