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My friend got me into cosplay who had tried it out before me, although it was something I had wanted to do! I've not been cosplaying for very long at all yet and my first big event was London May 2009 MCM Expo! I hope to make alot more costumes in the future though and I hope that I get better :D

I've found that cosplaying has done wonders for my confidence and it's still growing all the time. Although I am still a very shy person at heart, once I get to know you I begin to relax you can see how I really am once you get past the first shy stage :)

I still consider myself a beginner. I very often need help, espescially when approaching new techniques!

I'm also probably going to be "Crossplaying" alot. Why? I find that I like male characters more, although I'm not really sure I suit them.

Since I've made a few costumes now I've discovered a few of my habits.
1. I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I have to have everything perfect or at least as close as I can get it.
2. I'm a very slow worker, it takes me ages to get anything done.
3. I have a TERRIBLE habit of tilting my head in photos for some reason! If you're taking a photo of me and I'm tilting my head, please for the love of god stop me!
4. I do alot of computer aided design. What I mean by this is that I'll copy details on Adobe Illustrator (Because you can't get any more accurate than copying the reference itself!) and then print it out. I find this allows better accuracy and is better than what I could draw by hand!!

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