The Aristocats

Cosplayer: Freyarule

Variant: Gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th February 2016: Costest I thought I'd already put this up! Oh well. Here's the costest for Marie! Including the jewellery I made for her! :D

On the actual day I'll pin the headbow back a bit so it's not so obnoxiously straight up XDD

30th January 2016: Almost there! Let me share this teaser photo of the bow and waist sash I made......the biggest bow I've had to make for cosplay so far haha!

The dress is all made and the lace trim has been added to the bottom. It's really nice with the lace overlay so I'm glad I went with that idea :D and the satin is so gorgeous, I love it <3

The only things I have left to make is some jewelry which involves a bracelet of pearl beads and some earrings maybe, and get some socks and shoes!

24th January 2016: Wig finished I managed to get some really nice duchess satin from Calico Laine with a shade of pink that wasn't too dark but wasn't too light :D I've used it here for the bow in Marie's hair as I have now done the wig!

I started with a Saiyan in white from Coscraft, and trimmed the back bit, then sectioned off the bits needed for the top bow. I was originally going to get a lacefront for Marie but Coscraft's lace front is lovely but too smooth and straight for me to work from (I'm still mediocre at wig styling) whereas Saiyan had a backwefted hairline and a fluffy texture I could work with :)

I sectioned off the side fluffs and to begin with just shaped it with hairspray and a hair dryer with hair clamps, but I didn't really like the rigid look so I brushed out some of the hairspray and of course the heat made the fibres kink out anyway so I got a really nice fanned out look that has the same idea I wanted but more natural and fluffy :D

Hopefully going to make a start on her dress this week once I've gotten Ini finished for Minami!

21st January 2016: Lace! Thought I'd put up a photo of the lace trim I got! :D

20th January 2016: Buying buying! I've started buying everything for this cosplay so I can get it done early :D I ummed and ahhed over the design, as much as I love the striped pattern in the fanart reference I couldn't find a striped fabric where the lines weren't too dark or too close together :( since I decided on duchess satin for the bows and sash (which I'll buy next time I can) I decided on using a polycotton base and a lace overlay which I hope will look really nice :D and then I also got some lace trim to go on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves that has musical notes and symbols embroidered on which I thought was perfect for Marie since she has singing lessons!

I also bought some pale pink pearl beads to embellish the hems because I am evil to myself

Hopefully in the next week or so I can start sewing the base dress all together!

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 16th January 2016
... That is adorable.

Fables avatar

Fables - 20th January 2016
I can't wait to see progress and such. SO excited <3

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 8th March 2016
Can't wait for this. The group will be great, I love this film.

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 19th June 2016
Super cute group!