Fairy Godmother
Cinderella (2015)

Cosplayer: Shinigami_ky

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

16th May 2022: six years later and this damn thing is GOING. TO. GET. MADE.
We can but hope anyway.

How do I cosplay again?

31st January 2016: And we're off! This costume is officially... IN PROGRESS.
All the fabric is ordered, ALL OF IT, so even after the criss-cross debacle (which I solved with some foil-print spiderweb tulle that I'll be using the reverse side of) and the lace that turned out not to be starry but just scattered with crystal stars and then not resembling ANY LACE EVER INVENTED (which I solved with an INCREDIBLY lucky find of some similar enough lace that was not only the closest match in all my scouring but was also ON SALE, glory be), I finally managed to source everything I wanted.

The things I still need to buy are;
- All the swarovski crystals ever made
- Large crystal stars
- A perspex rod to form the base of the wand, and possibly some silver to decorate it with
- The wig (which was looking like it was going to cost me about £75 until I stumbled across a perfect lace-front for half the price)
- The hair slides or components to make them
- spangly earrings
- Wiring or boning for the wings and collar
- Gold embroidery thread
- Shoes

So...not a lot then, ha.

27th January 2016: ALL THE SOURCING The advantage to making a start on a cosplay when one is completely flat broke from the horror that is January, is that it gives you ample time while you're still fired up to get the boring slow of sourcing fabrics out the way. This dress has given me quite the headache, as per usual, to find the perfect fabrics.

Colour-wise I'm aiming much more for the tones in my main source picture, I'm not a big fan of the 'actual' colours of the dress as seen in the better-lit photo, and throughout the movie the whole thing mostly just looks white which is a little dull in my opinion, I'd much rather have the blue shimmer just underneath.

The two main fabric conundrums that are hitting me at the moment are the 'crackle' effect on the bodice and overskirt, which I've now found a potential solution for, and the starry lace on the underskirt. The lace actually used is beautiful and I seriously wish I could find something similar, but for all my scouring I've found nothing even close. I'm currently deciding between going for a starry organza to keep the star theme, or a lace (probably floral, as so much lace is) to keep that aspect. I think I'll be debating that choice right up until payday - and still looking for something appropriate in the meantime.

Currently the moodboard attached shows all the fabric choices I've sourced, some of them are decided on, some of them are a bunch of different ones to choose from, and also the three wigs that I've currently found that are the closest.

Honestly, after all this hunting, actually sewing the dress will be the easy part.
..ha. ..hahaha. hahaha.

14th January 2016: The fabric conundrum So I spent all morning staring intently at my reference image and scouring through fabrics and deciding what fabrics in what colours and how many layers.. and then I find another reference image that gives me a much better view of the lace on the underskirt... but throws all the colours into question. I'm going to try and watch the movie and base my colour choices on how she looks in that, because while the bright museum lighting might technically be the most accurate, it's not going to look as accurate as the movie lighting/effects. Also since this is a ball costume it'll mostly be out in the dark anyway so why I'm tearing my hair out over colouring I will never know.

I'm ordering the 'official' simplicity pattern of this gown, but I expect there to be heavy modification. I think working from a pattern for the base is going to get the shape I'm happiest with - particularly on the bodice - but the skirt is a LOT fuller than the pattern suggests so I'll be tweaking as much as possible to get movie accuracy.

The thing I'm currently debating the most is exactly how to do the detailing on the bodice, it doesn't look quite like embroidery and I'm not sure how best to replicate it, I could use fabric paint to achieve a similar effect but I'm not sure how that would look when compared to the rest of the dress. It also looks like it's pretty scattered with what are probably swarovski crystals or similar, so I may or may not be attempting to replicate that.

The whole thing looks like it would benefit from a liberal sprinkling of glitter when it's done, up to and including my hair, so really I don't know why I didn't do this dress sooner

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 31st January 2016
I CANNOT wait for this! Such a gorgeous, ridiculous dress <3

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 31st January 2016
I am unbelievably excited about doing it, I only hope it turns out as I plan haha