Ini Miney
Ace Attorney: Justice for All

Cosplayer: Freyarule

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th January 2016: Cos test And here's the cosplay test for Ini! I went sort of natural with her makeup but with a bit of colour in her cheeks and gold shimmer in the eyeshadow. The wig is mahoosive on me XD but it looks good so I'm happy with it :D also DEM BOOTS omg definitely getting some comfort insoles for them...

One costume down for Minamicon! :D

27th January 2016: Finished wig THE BEHEMOTH HAS BEEN DEFEATED

ok so when I got the second wig I trimmed it (not as much as the first one) and then I tried a method of having a strip of foam and then rolling the fibres which kinda worked but I did it wonky and it looked pretty crap so I undid it all, cut out the hot glue and then detangled it.

I trialed out putting the curls in with kirby grips and just hairspraying and applying heat but it didn't really hold the shape. So I was going to get some rollers and use those - as I was looking at them I noticed the hair donuts people use for buns and was like WELL WHAT IF I CUT THIS ONE OPEN so I found a mahoosive one in Poundland XDD Then I cut it so it was a semicircle instead of a circle, and then glued the ends of the wig to it and then rolled it up before securing with glue and hairspray! The ends of the donut were covered with loose wig fibres as well as the frontmost sections of hair!

22nd January 2016: BOOOTIIESS oh but hey my boots arrived today so that's a positive for today anyway :)


I will wear them for half an hour max I give it before I kick them off and cry

22nd January 2016: HAHA NOPE past me was foolish for thinking I would finish Ini today 8')

My original plan for the wig was to cut the long base wig, then use the fibres cut to glue onto painted wadding, and then roll the wadding into a roll and then attach it to the base wig. It worked to a certain extent? But it was messy as hell and I think I overthought how to make it work. Loose fibres are a bitch to deal with and I didn't cover the wadding sufficiently tbh, or I didn't glue the fibres down enough. I was impatient basically as I wanted to get it done XD;;
Then I realised I'd cut the base wig too short so that was the end of that little adventure! I've bought another base wig and this time, my plan is to get a long foam core tube, and then attach it to the wig and roll it up that way so it's all intact. I don't know why I didn't think of that plan to begin with but all I can say is I'm just an iddddiiiottt

To be concluded at a later date!!! :'D

21st January 2016: Bracelets I finished the bracelets this evening! The one on the left is the big wooden beads painted beige and strung together with elastic :D the one on the right gave my a headache trying to sculpt it out of something whilst still getting my hand through it! I tried worbla, worbla and foam, polymorph but they didn't really work :/ my bext plan was air dough and it worked well! It's rigid enough to keep it's shape but flexible enough to get off my wrist. To make sure the beads stayed on I glued some wire inside the beads and dough as a support :) then it was all painted orange and varnished to prevent it from sticking to itself as acrylic has a tendency to do =___=

hopefully tomorrow my boots will arrive and I will get the wig styled and then Ini will be done!! :D

14th January 2016: Symbols I was unsure how to do the symbols on the jumper, I could either paint it with fabric paints or applique it. Both methods would mean stretching out the jumper since it is very stretchy. After some thought I tested out applique with my usual method of using korrobond. I used a scrap of brown cotton I've had forever and ironed it all on, after stretching out the jumper with the ironing board and cardboard. I let it cool so it could set and it worked really well! I'm gonna be careful when putting it on/taking it off so I don't peel off any pieces but it doesn't feel like it will be doing it too easily so whoop whoop!

The beret has also arrived which I will be testing once I've got the wig sorted (my next job)

I have also bought some 3.5cm wooden beads that I will thread together with elastic to make one of the bracelets, I'll use two beads for the bangle and then make a cuff out of worbla most likely :D

14th January 2016: Base jumper and skirt I had bought two different jumpers, a white one that was larger than I needed (it was in a sale) which was the backup that I could dye orange if the first choice turned out to be too small, as it was coming from Asia.

Lo and behold though the first choice jumper fitted me really well and I realised that yes I have in fact lost two stone in the last few months and yes it is showing now LMFAO

The skirt is a bodycon maxi one off Ebay which fits nicely and has a nice flow to it :)

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Nesproxy - 22nd January 2016
You're going to be so perfect. I can't wait for our little group. :3

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Anonymous - 28th January 2016
Your cosplay looks really good! Love it!

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HotshotShan - 10th June 2016