Cosplayer: Freyarule

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd April 2016: OOPS I forgot to put this as complete before Kita haha sorry XDD

Photos will be up sooooooooon

12th March 2016: gOODSHITRIGHTTHERE I'm shocked at myself for actually making this good

so I spray painted it with primer and white paint (matte because ain't nobody got time for gloss) and then spent a good few hours adding in the black details and IMIGHTHAVESMUDGEDABIT but that's what white acrylic is for ;D but it looks so much better with the lines added in and I'm so happy aaaah

just need to add some varnish and then glue in the chiffon inside the eyes and add some foam padding to the inside to help it sit on my head properly!

9th March 2016: Moar head YES MOARhahahahahaha

Ok so here is how his head looks like after many rounds of filler, gesso, and mod podge and sandpapering and tears

I just need to paint it (I'm gonna go with spray paint I think) and then add the details with black and then add black chiffon to the eyes!

My senpai is also working hard to get my electronics sorted so I'm super excited about that :D

26th February 2016: Head remake part 2 He looks a lot happier now, right? I tweaked the eyes to make them a bit bigger and not so far apart, and made the smile more smiley and hehehe. I've added the clay details around the eyes, nose and mouth (and this time I've left the mouth in instead of cutting it out!!) just got to wait for it to dry and then I can paper mache over it and then work with the filler again (I got some light weight filler to use this time to help reduce on weight)

26th February 2016: Head remake part 1 Because I'm such a sucker for perfectionism, I wasn't happy with the first head as I felt it was too big and wide - plus I'd misread the sprite and the weird indent thing wasn't really there at all.

So I looked up some more tutorials and decided to do paper mache balloons again but much smaller and I would make 3 and then piece them together. It took a while to get them to behave and there was an instance I had to stick a bit I cut off back together again (it was either that or make a new balloon dome, noooooooooooooope) but it came together ok! Here's a WIP before I fiddled with the mouth and eyes.

13th February 2016: Head progress 2 Once I'd figured out the position of things, I then cut the ball into two pieces - Sans has an indent around his skull so to create that I cut lines into the edges to fold them down, which I then duct taped into place before duct taping the two pieces back together!

I then cut out the eyeholes, nosehole and mouth. It looks a bit nightmare fuelish from the photo but it'll look fine once I've got all the bits in XD and the mouth has a grin in rather than a gaping hole OTL

Since the photo I've smothered wood filler over the head. It adds a ton of weight but it will help smooth the paper mache out and I can sand it once it's properly dry!

13th February 2016: Head progress Sans' head was moved to the backburner whilst I worked on other cosplays, but I came back to it last week and started paper macheing over the balloon! I did around 8 layers of paper alternating between newspaper and printer paper - and it turned out pretty solid! Aww yeah >:) probably helped that I let it dry for like 4-5 days haha.

This photo was taken after I took the balloon out (it had stuck to the mache but it was nice as it made the inside really smooth) and I cut the hole in the bottom to fit over my head! I started the template of where the details are gonna go but this was only a quick draw for the photo, I changed a lot of the shapes and positioning XD

26th January 2016: Head start! Hahaha here's the head lololol

Ok so I was racking my brains and then someone pointed out I could use a big round balloon and paper mache on that for a base shape! So I'm gonna be doing that and then using paperclay to get the shapes and then filling and painting it :D

19th January 2016: Items arrived! So my sports shorts and slippers have arrived which means everything clothing related for Sans is done! I'll try and take a test in the week. I'm going to be focusing on other costumes for a bit before I come back to getting San's head done!

15th January 2016: Hoodie Next on my Sans list was the hoodie - I got the hoodie from Amazon and bought some lovely faux fur from Ebay. It's a longpile grey fur but has black mixed in for a contrast :D I handsewn it to the hood so it's nice and fluffy. I might have overdone it a bit but tbh I want to try and make sure the hood goes over the head when I make it. We shall see XD

15th January 2016: Bones So I'd originally got clothing with skeleton bones printed onto them, but after seeing a couple of other Sans' costumes use this method I changed my mind XD I got white gloves and tights and then drew lines onto them to represent bones. I got black on my legs doing this hahahahahahaa |D

Staley-Stuff avatar

Staley-Stuff - 23rd February 2016
We shall have to tell knock knock jokes to each other through a door at Kita :)

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 12th March 2016
Excellent paint job ^^