DC Bombshells

Cosplayer: Novel Cosplay

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2016

18th July 2016: Sewing the bustier Because the whole thing is a leotard, I don't need to make the bustier and actual bustier, it just needs to look like it. I've sewn bias binding along the seams and here I'm sewing it around the bust where I will later sew in bra cups to give it the right shape.

18th July 2016: Bustier pieces Cutting out the fabric for the bustier; layering black lace over the grey pieces to get the lace effect in the reference picture before tacking them together.

18th July 2016: Completed Tails Here is an image of the completed tails. All I need to do for the back now is add the corset back (which I plan on doing by cutting up an old corset to save time- less than two weeks before the con!) and adding white buttons as well.

18th July 2016: Constructing the tails Finally finished the leotard base, now moving on to the bustier! Here's a picture of the construction of the tails for the back of the bustier, specifically the lining of it.

17th July 2016: Pattern editing and fabric cutting As you can see on the photo I've edited the pattern (it's one of the mccalls yaya han ones in case you were wondering) and lengthened each piece by an inch. I've also lowered the leg hems by another inch for decency purposes. Here I'm cutting out one of the layers for the leotard (I'm making the entire thing as a leotard and attaching the bustier to it so the leotard doesn't wrinkle and slip throughout the day- a problem I've seen when people have done this outfit before- and so I'm not pissing about with multiple layers throughout the day. There are four layers: the lining (with interfacing), the underlining, the white leotard and the black and grey bustier

17th July 2016: Lining I've made the lining with fusible interfacing. Annoyingly in the shop they'd ran out of the medium interfacing so I had to get the heavier one instead so it's a little stiffer than I would have liked. I also found another drawback in the design; due to the back detail I've had to change the back zip to a side zip fastening which means, because of the curviness of the design (and my figure) it gets stuck on my hips as I'm pulling it up (although I don't know if that's to do with changing the zip placement or whether my hip to waist ratio is waaay too big. Anyway I've had to change the zip from going down to my waist to going all the way down it and have to step into it and zip it up around me.

16th July 2016: Mock Up Finished making the mock up today. Unfortunately I realised after I made it that due to getting confused with the size measurements on the pattern I made it a size too big! Stupid american sizes! As you can see from the photo I marked where things should be shorter, longer, tighter, etc. As it's strapless it needs to be pretty fitted! Other than it being too big, it's also a little too short and barely covers my chest and the legs come too high up (think 70s leotard style). I don't have time to make another mock up so I'll have to change the pattern as I go along when I make the actual thing