Heisuke Toudou

Cosplayer: InfiniteJester

Variant: Shinsengumi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2016

25th June 2016: Props! Last journal for Heisuke, hurrah!
I had some issues with ordering the prop swords myself from taobao due to the length but thankfully a friend of mine managed to order them for me and they arrived today! They're really nice and totally con-safe of course. Really happy I decided to order these rather than trying to make them because lack of time!

19th June 2016: HE DONE FINALLY.
This costume seemed to take forever. Probably because I bought the fabric for him at the beginning of the year but only really started a few months ago.
I made two sashes today to finish him off which was pretty quick to do, thankfully. The red under sash is tied at the back to have one end falling down and the black over sash fastens over the top of this with a press stud. It needs a bit more adjusting yet, but the swords my friend ordered for me will be arriving any day now so I'll adjust them then as they'll be fitting inside that sash. The red sash isn't accurate to the game version but I didn't want to try gradient dying just yet - may do for a rewear. It matches the anime fine though.
Otherwise all that's left is the cords on the shoe greaves which I may or may not do yet depending on time - either way doesn't make a major difference as they're an game only trait and don't appear in the anime.
Hopefully do a full costest soon!

12th June 2016: Progress Rather irritatingly slow and bad progress today. Bias has been sewn onto the green top so that's done now. Unfortunately I hit a bit of a snag with the armour - I had planned to secure it first with elastic to hold it on and then sew on some decorate red cord to look like the straps Heisuke has (there is no way that a normal cord on its own would hold it in place). The elastic went on fine, if a bit tricky but because of the padding in the armour plates, it doesn't sit quite as neatly as I would have liked to have done. It's not totally horrible though so I didn't have have the patience to start over from scratch.
I totally forgot that when you cut rope cord unfortunately it all unravels :( So after I cut it to attach onto the armour, it did that and glueing it back together just made it worse so I had to bin it. Either going to look for a replacement cord which isn't roped style or leave it for this time and go back to that on a rewear.

4th June 2016: Over kimono I thought this was going to be horrific to make but actually once I'd figured out the pattern for it, it went okay! I initially pinned the shape onto the mannequin just to get an idea for how it should lie and then tacked it. Once tacked I refitted it on my own body - mostly involved taking in the back more and adjusting where the ends sit on my waist. I then sewed it all together and added a collar around all the edges to carry on the theme of the costume - it looks a little messy in the photo but I haven't ironed it yet so the bottom curve looks a bit wrinkly at the moment.
I just need to add a decorative brown trim to the front collar - going to look for some next week but if I can't find any I like, I'll probably just make my own from leftover brown fabric from the armour!
All the main parts of this costume are done now :O Just got to make the waist sashes and do small things like sorting the wig, securing the armour etc. So relieved this is in the final stages as it's taken me a lot longer than I was expecting it to.

29th May 2016: Haori complete! I finally finished the haori today which took a few hours - hemmed the sleeves to the correct length and then made the white triangles from some leatherette. I was going to make them with a linen like fabric but found the leatherette to be much easier to work with and quicker as it could be cut without fraying. It's hard to see in pictures how many triangles there are to a sleeve so I opted for 6 per sleeve which I felt gave the right balance. These were cut out 3 at a time and then sewn onto the sleeve with an applique style stitch around to secure it. The sleeve was then half sewn shut at the bottom to give the right overall shape when wearing and stop the sleeve being too awkward to move around in.
This was pretty fun to make overall and I'd definitely make haori's again! (Note: it's bluer in real life but the lighting was dodgy when I took the photo. It also needs a good iron before wearing but you get the picture!)

29th May 2016: Armour parts Because I'm still not confident with worbla, I opted for fabric when making the leg and arm shields. I made a cotton brown base for the armour plate to sit on and then cut out rectangles of leatherette to give the right look. This was sewn into a pillow like shape with cotton wool stuffed inside to give it a bit of body before being attached onto the brown base. I'll be getting some cord soon to attach the armour to my body when wearing. (Note: The leg armour looks too big on the picture here, but the shorts are actually stretchy so the armour is the correct sizing for my legs once worn)

8th May 2016: Like halfway there now?? Made some good progress today - had a bit of a fight with the purple thread as I mistakenly bought a bad brand so it was unthreading itself every minute but thankfully I had a spare purple so swapped it out. Not totally a colour match but I wanted to get this done so didn't want to wait until I got some new thread! I finished the purple top today and added on the false collar to give the wrapover impression - it fits well thankfully and is just low enough so that I can wear my binder without worrying about it showing at all! I also made the purple arm warmer things he has which I secured at the top hem with a bit of elastic so it stays in place. Was going to start the green kimono top but I need to buy new thread for it now as it was the same crappy brand as the purple one. Not sure my brain can figure out the awkward fitting for it yet either so a task for next weekend (or possibly the weekend after as I'm out until late on Saturday so shall have to see what I can get done on Sunday - may choose to focus on finishing the haori or making the armour plates instead).

7th May 2016: Tops Progress Been working out how to make the two tops this week - after looking at all the art, I've decided to make it as two seperate tops, rather than an all in one as I think it'll sit better. I started the purple under top today and it's all sewn together now - just needs hemmed and the collar adding. As you can only see the sleeve edges and the collar edge on this I kinda cheated and made it as a normal tank top rather than a total crossover kimono-style top as it'll just be easier to wear this way and I don't have to worry about it slipping open. I'll be fashioning the neckline into a v shape and adding on the crossover collar to give the illusion it's kimono style. Hoping to get this top and the arm warmers finished this weekend! The fabric is pretty nice but not at all stretchy so I had to be pretty careful when sizing the top so that I can still get it on and off easily and that it gives the right look.

2nd May 2016: Haori almost done Progress on the haori I'm making for Heisuke! Thankfully this was pretty straightforward to make and kinda fun - only thing left to do now is to finish up the sleeves (damn the Shinsengumi and their crazy triangle detailing!) My hemming isn't the neatest but overall, pretty happy with this so far! Going to leave the rest of the sleeves for another time and focus on making the duo of tops next weekend to try and power through them both. Once those are done, the rest of the costume should be plain sailing as mostly just the accessories.
Also his wig arrived the other day and thankfully it looks really good and suits me well enough so I feel much happier about pulling him off now! Aiming to get Heisuke done for end of May at latest as I really need to be cracking on with my last 2 Ame costumes...

17th April 2016: Progress Began sewing this last weekend. The Haori has a definite shape now and mostly just needs some more fitting and hemming, the collar adding and the triangles on the sleeves put on! The shorts I'd bought for Heisuke were a little too long when paired with the leg warmers so I shortened those and did a little refitting on the leg warmers to make them fit snugger - I've actually stolen these off an older costume which got retired and they're luckily perfect for what I need them for. And as an added plus, they hold my sandals on better so I run no risk of losing them!
Did intend to start making a mockup of the tops today but motivation ran out. The wigs (yes, plural - I picked two slightly different style ones to see which will suit me better as I wasn't sure one would) are in the country as well, caught at Parcelforce but should be arriving any day now! Swords will hopefully be ordered from Taobao sometime soon as I don't feel confident in making these. Likely won't make much progress over the next two weeks due to being busy at the weekends but May is hopefully going to be the month I get this complete!

20th February 2016: I totally didn't forget about this I swear... WELP, my sewing drive didn't really come back until now and I'm still in the process of gathering fabrics. I've found possible wig choices on taobao along with his swords which I'll be ordering soon (i'd rather focus my energy on the outfit parts rather than making not just one, but two swords). Realised I had the perfect match of trouser/leggings already in my wardrobe so I'm gonna cheat and not make those - I really don't think it'll matter much in the overall costume look and it'll save time. I've also found some purple fabric for his patterned parts on the kimono top but need to search out some decent blue linen for the haori when I head into Derby next. Hoping to start drafting a pattern pretty soon!

21st November 2015: IT BEGINS I was toying between this variant and his ninja-style one as I adore that design BUT I do really want to make some Shinesengumi robes and after going fabric shopping today, I found the perfect shade of green for his kimono top so this will be the one I do first! (It also means I don't have to brave gradient dying just yet which is cool with me). I probably won't start this properly for a while yet as focusing on other projects first but at least it's a start!