Yami Bakura
Yugioh Duel Monsters

Cosplayer: Julesie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 12th August 2015
Loved your Bakura...I'm so glad I managed to get a picture of you with my Ishizu :-)

Julesie avatar

Julesie - 15th August 2015
Ohh that was you two! I was so happy to see your Ishizu costume! I had never seen anyone cosplay her before so I was really excited. =)
Thank you so much! ^_^

NoireHu. avatar

NoireHu. - 1st September 2015
Ah, I remember spotting you at Kita! *-* It made me so happy to see a Bakura. ~ Your Bakura cosplay was fantastic <3 I really liked how you've wefted the wig, it's so well crafted together.

Julesie avatar

Julesie - 17th September 2015

Thank you so much! ^_^
I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^ I'm really happy with how the wig came out. I was nervous when making it.