No Face
Spirited Away

Cosplayer: Prof. Fears

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

WolfyKid avatar

WolfyKid - 30th June 2015
It looks AWSOME! I love no face and you nailed it!

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 15th August 2015
Amazing no face!

Kitri du Lac avatar

Kitri du Lac - 20th October 2015
This looks amazing! I'd love to see it in person!

SuperZeldaGirl avatar

SuperZeldaGirl - 29th November 2015
nice! :D

Knightsly avatar

Knightsly - 16th December 2015
thats awesome good job

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 24th January 2016
I love the mask! You make a great No Face c:

Origin avatar

Origin - 29th January 2016
I'm not sure what to praise first - the fact that it's a great rendition of No Face or that it cost you £17 and was done in a day! Many of us likely dream of cosplays where the process is so (relatively) painless! I'm glad it went down well, too. :)

SuperZeldaGirl avatar

SuperZeldaGirl - 1st April 2016
simple but very cool love the mask.

White Tigress avatar

White Tigress - 12th April 2016
Fantastic! I would love to see more pics of this!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 4th June 2016
Genius cosplay :)

AJBananaCosplay avatar

AJBananaCosplay - 12th July 2016
That's amazing! I love this!