Hiroki Kamijou
Junjou Romantica: Episode 3

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Casual

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

23rd December 2015: Temp. Clothes for this Cosplay I gained weight, and while I am in the process of losing it, there's an upcoming photoshoot I need to attend as Hiroki! So I bought some clothes a size bigger to wear for this cosplay temporarily.

9th July 2015: Hiroki Wig - Styled .

23rd June 2015: Clean Wig It's so soft and luxurious!

23rd June 2015: Washing the Wig .

21st June 2015: Cos-Test Trying on what I've got so far, if I can find a blazer on time I'll wear that but I have my brown jacket as backup.

21st June 2015: Wig Arrived .

10th June 2015: Cosplay Update .

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Anonymous - 10th June 2015
Can't wait to see this, hope I spot you at Hyper Japan! :D