Frozen Fever

Cosplayer: Freyarule

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd place at ECG qualifiers - EGX 2015, CI Showcase, Pip Pip Hooray award at Minamicon 2016, Best In Show at BFCC 2016

Showcased 7th December 2015

29th July 2015: Completed bolero and bustier The bustier was the first time I made a boned garment so it was interesting! Luckily it was fine and the velvet was great to work with. I really like the embroidery even if I did it from 2am when I was suffering a sinus infection and couldn't sleep hahaha...
I was going to put in a zip but it broke so I sewed in some hooks and eyes which work out better I think! Then just sewed in the grosgrain ribbon like bias binding!

The bolero took forever to embroider oh my god.
I love it though! I love the taffeta I chose for the base material, really gives it a boost!

I watched a lot of Let's Play videos of old Playstation Harry Potter games whilst embroidering the bolero...make of that what you will

29th July 2015: Finished skirt Ok so Anna is now complete! Here's a dump of photos XD

This is the skirt finished! It took me a while to get the lining to behave but I managed to understitch it to the skirt and then sew in the pleats. I wore it over the petticoat and am happy with the poof it's given :D

17th July 2015: Skirt embroidery WIP 2 Photo of the continous line of stitching around the sunflowers. This took me just under a week to do when I wasn't sleeping or at work and it was tedious and frustrating but I did ittt yaaaaay
Skirt isn't finished of course I still have a lot to do but at least there's one milestone reached annjhdihbdfergijunaergyk;j

17th July 2015: Blouse complete Photo of the blouse with the beads, embroidery and added the brooch with it :D

5th July 2015: Blouse WIP So since I took a break from the skirt, I have started on the blouse! Here's the WIP of it with the grosgrain ribbon at the top of the collar, and the stabiliser is ironed on and details drawn on. Since the photo was taken I have embroided the small pattern on the front and sleeves and added the beads, now all that's left is to attach the sleeves to the main blouse XD I made it fitted enough for a nice finish but loose enough to be able to pull on and over my head so I didn't have to worry too much about a zip or hook and eyes :)

5th July 2015: Perffuuumeee I'm so sad I bought matching perfume to go with the cosplay HAHA good thing it smells nice :D

5th July 2015: Skirt embroidery WIP Here's a picture of the bottom of the skirt so far! I still have a bunch of bits to do but she's coming slowly but surely! I had a bit of a panic last week about whether I would get her done, so I've taken a short break from the skirt atm, to get other bits sorted :)

26th June 2015: Skirt WIP Since the last photo I drybrushed on each petal to get an gradient effect, and then started assembling the sunflowers on the skirt - I topstitched the blue grosgrain ribbon at the bottom to begin with before ironing on all the bits with heat n bond! I also then ironed on the freezer paper templates on the inner circles and then painted over the stencils to create the pattern - after that is the long task of sewing on the beads to the sunflowers before I then get set with the embroidery aaaahg

26th June 2015: All the bits Here's the bits for the sunflowers all cut out! That's the stems, leaves, petals, dots and circles XDDDDDD aaaahahahaahaha

26th June 2015: Skirt details WIP Here's a photo of the first steps in the skirt details! Basically I dyed some fabric orange and dark green then got started with cutting out the vector templates I made then using them to draw around onto the fabric blahblahblah etc etc

21st June 2015: Vectoring 2 And here's the finished sunflower! It wasn't all just copying and pasting, as I had to adjust each petal and dot to make sure it was even. It's incredibly hard to make things even when there are 20 petals, as 20 segments don't work out easily on a circle! DX

Now I have a usable pattern I can print out and use to cut out the various pieces and also use as templates for when I use freezer paper (for the inner circle)!

21st June 2015: Vectoring 1 So I attempted to work out by hand the patterns for Anna's skirt details, and was getting nowhere. It's difficult as Anna's legs are much longer than mine so the skirt is longer and allows for more space - whereas I have titchy legs and cutting it to my mid calf level means I don't have much lengthwise for details if I want to keep in proportion!!! >__<

So I decided to go to Photoshop to help out. I used a ratio to work out the estimated measurements I would need and created a pattern on photoshop using the pen tool and vectors! I have some experience of the pen tool from when I did digital art and used it for lineart so I know all about the anchor points etc XD

This WIP shows I traced over the design after getting a flattish sectiob of her skirt, making some changes to keep it symmetrical (i.e I copied and pasted the leaves and flipped them) and also I made some guidelines for the inner circle so I could work out the little details there and keep it all mostly symmetrical and even!

21st June 2015: Shoes I tried my first attempt with satin stitching with Anna's shoes! The first shoe (the left one) went amazing and I was like YAAAS and then I did the second one and it was like NAAAAS
oh well, it still looks good at a glance XDDD;;

20th June 2015: Petticoat! I took a hiatus from the petticoat whilst I made other costumes for the fiance and myself (including his Kristoff costume which was a challenge in itself!!!) which was a good thing as I was getting cross with it but after a fresh look I managed to get it all sewn up! After sewing all the bias binding, it was a long process of gathering the tulle to the same width of the tier above it, and then again until it all connected. The top part is made from polycotton, and there are two layers of tiers altogether. I attached them in a way that the raw edges are turned into the gap between the two layers, so as to minimise the rubbing on my tights (which I will hopefully make once my ball ended needles arrive!)
Once it was all connected I inserted a zip (I opted for a fitted waist rather than elasticated so as to minimise bulk under the bodice) and created the side seam! And apart from having to take it in at the top a bit, it fits quite well! And has a lovely amount of poof :D

5th June 2015: Wig redux I wasn't happy with my Anna wig, especially with the way it had been prestyled into an inaccurate style. Since I'm entering Anna into ECG I need to be on the dot accuracy and costume wise. So after some thought I decided to unravel the work and restyle.
This involved getting rid of the some white wefts they still had within the back (NO BAD INACCURATE AAAAAH) and snipping out the fibres stuck with hot glue. I figured out how they had constructed that style - the wig is wefted so it has the top part going down and then the bottom wefts intended to be brought up. So I trimmed the top wefts so as not to cause bulkage and then tied up the bottom wefts and examined the reference. Her bottom hair is in a twist and pinned in a circle on the back of her head, so after a lot of patience and hairspray and hot glue I managed to get it to a decent state. Then I stuck back on the ribbons - I also wasn't happy with the size of the sunflower so I luckily found a slightly bigger one and after enhancing the colours a bit with some dry brushing I attached that to it. I am a lot happier with the wig! :D

28th May 2015: Pendant I also got this done a few weeks ago - Anna's pendant! Made from craft foam, worbla, green rhinestones and a resin gem I casted myself and then painted with glass paint, and glitter nail varnish on the underside for extra GLITTER and then added silver card to MAKE IT REFLECT AND PRETTY


28th May 2015: Petticoat WIP So Anna has a yellow petticoat underneath her skirt, you see it clearly when Elsa "magicks" her dress and her skirt goes WHOOMPH and it's like HELLO LAYERS

so I'm making a hopefully very poofy petticoat! I got some tulle and am doing a 4 tier petticoat, the tutorials I looked at said to cut strips in the length you need and sew them all together. Altogether the strips come to 32m of fabric. SOB
I then cut them into shorter strips that I calculated depending on what tier they are, and then arranged them as well as I will have 2 layers of each tier for more poof. Currently progess is at a stand still as I ran out of gold bias binding to seal the bottom edge, but this Sunday I will be acquiring more so will hopefully get this done next week!

28th May 2015: Wig finished I tinted the wig a bit more ginger and took out the white wefts as it was innacurate aaaahhhh

And I got the ribbon and sunflower and fixed them to the wig, yaay :D

24th April 2015: Wig and makeup test! The wig arrived so I decided to do a test and see how I wanted to go with her makeup - it was my first time experimenting with freckles and I think they came out ok!

The wig needs some adjusting and I'm thinking of tinting it a bit ginger as its a little on the brown side!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 19th April 2015
Can't wait to see this!!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 20th July 2015
Such a labour of love, I'm really enjoying the journals! Good luck :D

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 29th July 2015
This is truly amazing and detailed.
I said this before, but I want to steal your amazing talents at making cosplays :)

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 7th October 2015
Looking good Mel. ^_____^

Storme avatar

Storme - 7th December 2015
Hey there pretty Showcase lady. :D

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 7th December 2015
How have I not commented yet? The work in this is outstanding and you absolutely deserve that showcase.

Violet Kestral avatar

Violet Kestral - 7th December 2015
So much gorgeous detail <3

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 8th December 2015
Looks amazing. And congratulations too!

Exelia avatar

Exelia - 8th December 2015
THE BEES. I love the bees the most <3 absolutely beautiful costume!

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 1st February 2016
This is absolutely adorable!! everything is so perfect and precise and you look beautiful! perfect Anna!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 8th March 2016
I really love this costume, it's so beautiful and detailed, you make a perfect Anna. Also I love the minami 'British' song, hilarious!