Isuzu Sohma (Rin)
Fruits Basket

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th March 2015: MinamiCon 2015 MinamiCon was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out on the Sohma family gathering!
Thanks everyone :)

21st February 2015: And the clothes Picked up a skirt in Primark for £3. It was a perfect rectangle so I had to unpick the waistband and take it in towards the waist. She's all ready to go now!

5th February 2015: Wrist Cuffs Decided to go with dark brown for the wrist cuffs to fit with the brown boots, which got through some of the leftover Maria pleather!

Unfortunately I didn't have any silver buckles in the right size, so I had to break my freebie streak. I made the most of it by ordering bridle buckles as a little nod to the character :)

First I made paper templates of all the pieces, then I cut one set out of the pleather. To get a neat edge each of these pieces is then sewn to a larger piece (to allow for any stretching/shifting) before cutting that down to match the smaller piece.
Important tip - double layering the pleather will require slightly longer templates than a single layer.

The buckle strap is sewn round the buckle and sewn to the base cuff. This stitching is hidden by the small loop which is attached with studs. Finished with decorative eyelets.

1st February 2015: Necklace There are lots of different ways of making the necklace out of painted sheet materials, but didn't want this costume to take up much time. At the last moment I remembered I had metalic silver FIMO which wouldn't need any finishing!

Started by making a paper template of the cross which I had to trim down. Once I'd got the size sorted I rolled out a blob of FIMO until it was almost the thickness I wanted before inserting a headpin with a loop pre-formed in the top. Once that was in the FIMO could be flattened to the final thickness, sealing the pin inside. With the template laid on top I just had to cut the straight edges out with a craft knife.

I did make a rookie mistake by not crafting directly on the baking tray, as moving it over caused some small marks. I got away with it though :)

Suede lacing from Cesia finishes it off.

25th January 2015: Starting point A good thing about manga only designs is having a choice of colours within the contrast pictured, perfect for budget closet cosplay!

I already own a very similar top and not so similar (but will fit the overall look) boots.
Then for the wig I still have the long black fringed style from Kendappa/Arashi.