Hetalia: Matryoshka

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Punk

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

24th March 2012: Embroidery on the Train~ French Knots~

22nd March 2012: Boots I ended up going for these boots instead.

22nd March 2012: Cos-Test ~

22nd March 2012: Face~ The eye looks a little high up but it's going to have dots underneath it.

22nd March 2012: Other Side I thought it'd be trickier with the drool but it actually wasn't!

22nd March 2012: Problems with Mouth I kept on going wrong with the mouth so it kept fraying, I had to keep cutting the fraying bits off and it obviously decreased in size as a result. :(

18th March 2012: Mouth Added ~

17th March 2012: Adding the Face 2 ~

17th March 2012: Adding the Face 1 ~

16th March 2012: Face Design My friend designed a drunken face, which I decided to go with~

14th March 2012: Zip Added Zip finished up~ Just to do the face on the hood now.

6th March 2012: Altering the hoodie for the zip. I cut straight through the middle of the front of the hoodie, for the zip, and I also ironed on the UK flag patch.

5th March 2012: Also purchased a zip and a patch. Since the hoodie needs altering, I planned ahead and purchased some things to do it with~

5th March 2012: Hoodie Arrived ~

3rd December 2011: Shoes I bought these shoes for my cosplay.