Ronald Knox
Black Butler

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Grim Reaper Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st October 2011: Fully Dried ~

20th October 2011: Drying Off~ .

20th October 2011: Spray Painting Progress Shoes

(The photo is too large to put here so it's been added to the Photos section)

19th October 2011: Hemmed off Gloves The gloves were too long and went right up my arm (which was a pain in the ass to put on with a shirt on top) so I just cut them down and hemmed them off~ (I used the scrap fabric to make sleeve cuffs!)

10th October 2011: Watch Arrived It's waterproof!

10th October 2011: Y-Suspenders Arrived Yep!

31st August 2011: Belt Arrived~ It's kinda crappy so I'm probably going to replace it. :U

1st August 2011: Cos-Test Eee~

31st July 2011: Wig Progress ~

30th July 2011: Wig Progress Test Just testing out my wig so far~

30th July 2011: Wig Styling Progress #3

30th July 2011: Wig Styling Progress #2

30th July 2011: Wig Styling Progress #1

28th July 2011: Wig is Washed And just about dried, ready to style~

The photo is too large for my journal updates, so it has been uploaded to the photos section.

27th July 2011: Wig Arrived ~