Gakuen Hetalia

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: WAW Summer Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th April 2016: Sun Damage Not only did my trousers rip when wearing them (I think I took them in too much lol), I recovered my blazer to find it damaged by the sun! I cut off the patch and threw it away. :/ If I ever wear this cosplay again the future, I'll have to buy a new blazer for it!

23rd May 2013: Adjusted my Trousers I altered the sides of my trousers slightly to make it look more 'trouser'-like and less 'lounge'-like! xD

11th May 2013: Ribbon Lined on my Vest Collar Emmie lined the collar of my vest for me on the 20th April, I only just thought to take a photo of her hard work! Thank you Emmie!

The photo is too large to be put into my journal, so it's been added to my photos instead.

24th March 2013: Attached Patch to Blazer Done!~ It was really fiddly and difficult, the patch was sew-on only but it was really hard. ene ;;

And I only had brown thread so, to conceal it, I had to kind of sew on the brown areas of the patch and avoid the white bits. orz Which made it extra hard!

26th February 2013: Blazer Arrived My blazer arrived!

3rd December 2011: Shoes I purchased these shoes for Matryoshka England, but I also plan to use them for this. ♥

23rd October 2011: Purchased Gakuen Hetalia Patch I purchased the patch for my blazer from Ploy. ♥

4th April 2010: Bought Sweater-Vest As I post this journal on the 7th November 2014, I know that I purchased my sweater-vest early 2010 with the intention of making Gakuen Hetalia England my first ever official Hetalia cosplay.

Unfortunately, I ended up putting it off for a few years.