Demon Lord Ninetails

Cosplayer: Sasashie

Variant: Final Form Gijinka (Kimono Commission)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th September 2014: Lining and lace i have lined the light gold kimono with black cotton, added the antique gold band to the neckline and added a band to the bottom to match the tails that Peri is working on, then i added a lace trim to the bottom edge and armholes

11th September 2014: Kimono time working on the outter kimono in light gold and attaching the sleeves

11th September 2014: Sleeves As shown in the fashion sketch Peri wanted the sleeves long so i made them knee length so she could still move about and not trip over them the outer layer is light gold and lined with Antique gold

10th September 2014: Fabric time we went for taffetta for the gold and antique gold with the lining in black cotton

9th September 2014: Commissioned by Peri Peri commissioned me to make the base of her Kimono for the Demon Lord Ninetails

she sent me a fashion sketch to show me what she was looking for and we talked about what colour's she wanted the Kimono to have we went for light gold with antique gold trim and lined with black