Makoto Tachibana
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Cosplayer: HarryKurt

Variant: Navy uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd October 2014: Finishing touches Pleat pockets sewn on with the help of Nat, belt sprayed, worbla trim painted and attached with velcro so it's removeable for washing. Just a little hand sewing to finish off the trousers now, but it's all wearable and ready to go! :)

21st October 2014: Worbla details Foam layers encased in worbla and then pressed in to make the shape for the hat badges.

The neck epaulettes are a single piece and folded back to make the ridges so they're light enough to stay on the collar.

30th September 2014: Caps WIP White drill cotton, black denim and vinyl with wire and foam inserts to help them keep their shape. They were a lot fiddlier to make than I expected!

The peaks are double sided and I tried to edge it with pleather, but the finish was messy, so I'm just going to paint the edges in with black acrylic paint. The worbla badges are yet to be made, but there's going to be an orca, a dolphin and a shark. The other two are for Haru and Rin. :)

26th September 2014: Top progress The sleeves have fold back cuffs and the ribbon was all measured out and folded under, attached on with wonder web. There's a foam insert in the collar to help it stand upright and to make it sturdy enough so that the worbla chevrons will be able to be attached and it should hold alright.

It's in need of an iron and is just pinned roughly into place because I wanted to work out what to do and see how it'll look at the end. It fits much nicer than it appears to here! XD

23rd September 2014: WIP! It's started! I'm just waiting on some supplies and have been distracted with other costumes...

But I have the base pattern and hat pieces cut out for us. Just waiting on some foam to arrive so I can start putting the hats together and do the Worbla work!

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Anonymous - 12th September 2014
Eee can't wait to see this done, love this version! Hope I see you at MCM, i'm going as standard jacket and swim trunks Makoto :D

xBoLin avatar

xBoLin - 12th September 2014
Thanks for the comment on my Nagisa cosplay ^^
Can't wait to see more of this cosplay, great costest :)
Hope to see at expo!

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 13th September 2014
Thank you both! :) I've just got started making and am excited for this group. Hopefully see you there. :D

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 27th September 2014
Outfit is looking great so far!

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 27th September 2014
Thanks so much! :)

ArikaCosplay avatar

ArikaCosplay - 30th September 2014
The cap and the top are really nice! This will look great when it's done.

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 1st October 2014
Thank you very much! I hope you're right! :)

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 26th November 2014
You make an amazing Makoto! Love that you got photos in front of the ship :D

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 26th November 2014
Thanks so much! :D We had to seize the opportunity. ;)