Isabella Valentine (Ivy)
Soul Calibur IV

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Variant: 2 player

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th July 2009: YES! I finally convinced the fabric to dye.

Now if only Royal Mail weren't (%*"&£(%£ I'd be able to really get working - but until I get that bias binding, nothing much can happen. It literally holds the costume together!

19th July 2009: Wig colouring Here's a comparison picture of the wig before and after colouring. It took me three evenings to colour. I think I went slightly overboard and it's come out more lilac than I intended, but it's still a reasonably subtle colour.

Used 3 Letraset markers in "Lavender".

6th July 2009: Things are progressing! The wig is fully coloured and cut, and it's in a few plaits at the front to get a slight wavy effect.

My experiments with dye have so far only turned my white fabric into light grey fabric, but I've ordered more dye in two types. There's a risk it'll end up black, but if that happens I'll just go with it - I initially thought the costume was black anyway.

I spent the weekend patterning the corset/basque and skirt, and I've now cut out all the pieces. They need interfacing but I'll do that once they're dyed. The lining has also been cut - in fact, the only pieces that remain to be cut are the black chiffon pieces.

I also need to pad out the bra. My boobs aren't exactly small, but Ivy is renowned for her ample assets and the design of this costume allows for padding, so I'm using a bra two cup sizes larger than I wear myself. Combined with a corset to give me more of an indented waist, it's giving me a reasonably accurate silhouette.

I've commissioned Tab (Khaoskreator) to make the belt for me, as I hate making belts and wasn't sure on what to make the buckle out of, and I know Tab will do a great job particularly as he's using real leather.

Royal Mail has delayed my progress somewhat, however >_< Irritatingly, they decided to return my parcel containing bias binding and eyelets to sender after less than the official 7 days, so now I have to contact the seller and let them know it's not my fault. Incidentally, this parcel was not delivered properly - there were 5 people in our flat, 3 of them very close to the front door, when the "sorry you were out" card was pushed through. No knock, no attempt to properly deliver the parcel. I'm not at all impressed and I think I'll be chasing this up with them.

17th June 2009: Wig I got a marker pen from Letraset in their "Lavender" shade and started colouring the wig last night. Because it's such a subtle tone, I'm getting away with colouring small chunks with the broad-nibbed end of the marker. I think I did about 50% of the necessary colouring last night, although I don't know if washing the excess ink off will mean I need to do another coat - the wig is a bit stiff with the ink now.

The colour is coming out really nicely. It's a bit of a shame, as the wig was a lovely silver colour beforehand, but I was determined to try and get the right colour hair for Ivy as it's something you rarely see.

I've also purchased some brocade fabric. It's white and I don't know how well it will dye, so I'll be doing a test dye with Dylon multipurpose in pewter once I've picked up some dye. If it doesn't work I may give up on the idea of having the brocade details, as nothing I've found comes close enough to matching both pattern and colour.

Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 17th May 2009
superb choice!

DarkElf avatar

DarkElf - 9th June 2009
You are going to look fantastic as Ivy in this ^^ I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 9th June 2009
Excellent. Its always great to see the rarer 2p costumes being cosplayed. I think you are goimng to look great with Ivy. I can't wait to see.

KhaosKreator avatar

KhaosKreator - 13th July 2009
Have you thought about buying a darkish purple wig and sewing thin wefts in to make the right colour? It would make it look like she has highlights, so would look more realistic. And no messing around with dyes.

I hate dyes. I can never get them to work right and they just go wrong for me. So I prefer things where I can completely control how much colour I'm adding.


Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 13th July 2009
Tab - I've actually already coloured the wig. I coloured it in streaks to give the more natural effect you mentioned, and since I used a wide-nibbed marker pen I avoided dyes entirely. It takes a while (took me three evenings to finish the whole wig) but you have total control over how much is put in.

I'll do a wig and makeup test soon and post up pics!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 13th July 2009
Oooo! The wig sounds awesome. Looking forward to seeing make-up and wig test shots.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 18th August 2009
Fab costume. Great to see in person. You really suited it and I loved the fabric. The wig looked amazing as well.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 18th August 2009
This looked amazing in person. It was so neat and perfect. And yay boob squad

Angelphie avatar

Angelphie - 20th August 2009
Love this and all its crazy detail! Ivy really suits you.

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 20th August 2009
Are you people saying I make a good dominatrix bitch?!

sonia_leong avatar

sonia_leong - 20th August 2009
I heart dominatrix bitches ♥ XD

Seriously though, AWESOME detail, GORGEOUS cosplay, super dramatic photos too :3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 20th August 2009
"Are you people saying I make a good dominatrix bitch?!"
We might be ;-)

You looked fantastic as Ivy - it really suited you.

DarkElf avatar

DarkElf - 21st August 2009
I loved this, your costume was stunning, so well made and great detailing - as always! - and you pulled Ivy off brilliantly! Sexy dominatrix bitch FTW! <3

It was great to cosplay group with you again hon ^_^

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 17th June 2010
You look ace hun! Love Ivy so much and you pulled her off sooooooo well =)