Cersei Lannister
Game of Thrones (HBO)

Cosplayer: CaptainAmelia

Variant: Red & gold S2 dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th July 2014: Sleeves, glorious sleeves~ I'm in love with these monstrosities! Convinced I won't be able to move without knocking things over left, right and centre, but it'll be *totally worth it*. It actually fastens itself, now, with a line of snaps down the inside front, but it's still covered in pins and about 80% there.

I'm about to add the gold crossover neckline and the embroidery, hem the sleeves and the skirt and style my wig! It won't be 100% for LFCC as I would eventually like to add the chainmail fastening at the back of the belt and the red lion embroidery on the skirt panels, but I'm hoping I'll be able to run touch-ups in time for Manchester Comic Con next weekend!

10th July 2014: Getting somewhere! Even with all that embroidery, I didn't actually have anywhere to put it... There are still some issues with this dress - I literally had *lines* on the gold fabric to follow, and my grainlines are still off, the pattern doesn't match at the seams and the neckline is slightly off - But I'm chuffed!

This was my first foray into altering commercial patterns, as this one had the hip panels sitting somewhere mid-thigh, rather than at the waist. I've lengthened the gold ovals and shortened the side-fronts of the bodice to make it fit more accurately, and I'm delighted with the outcome.

My aim for close of play today is to have the entire structure of the dress completed, so I can leave Friday for embroidery and detailing. We'll start with altering the neckline to fit my chest, adding the ties and snaps to close the front and hemming it for length. I've also got an inside facing to add - Which I won't sew down until the embroidery is on, to make the inside more pleasing - And those monstrous sleeves. Think happy thoughts...

9th July 2014: Jewellery. Still on the look-out for that one unpolished citrine ring for Cersei's other hand - I saw one almost identical in New Look about two years ago and daftly didn't pick it up! I've learned from my mistakes and now buy *everything* for potential future costumes when I see it! - But I'm loving the pendant. It's a Chinese knock-off of the screen accurate one, in a slightly brighter gold, but it looks great with my colours.

8th July 2014: Weathered belt. Slightly-slopping hot glue detailing on the buckle and horizontals of the rectangles, then covered with several layers of PVA glue and water mix, to prime the foam. Painted with a full coat of brown, then gold, then detailing in a darker brown and green, and highlighted with a pale yellow. Possibly looks more like leather than metal, but Cersei's armour corset from the Blackwater looks leathery, so it's still character accurate!

8th July 2014: Beginnings of the belt I don't have the funds for Worbla, so I'm using what I already own, which is a huge chunk of craft foam~ The belt, as it currently stands, has three layers: The curved-edged base, the rectangle on top, and the ornate clasp. I'll be adding further hot glue detailing on top and painting it a gold-bronze in the hope of looking like metal. Eventually, I would love to make a Worbla version with all the chainmail links and everything, but, for the moment, it'll probably just be tied with some chain or ribbon around my waist.

7th July 2014: Embroidery progress - 10 All four sleeve designs are completed! I'm so super-pleased with this, you have no idea~

6th July 2014: Embroidery progress - 9 Two sleeve designs fully completed! 1/3 of the way to finished, I'd say, with flowers and detail to complete on both the other two sleeve sections and bust designs. Also half-way through the back of neck design (not pictured) which I'll be taking to work on Wednesday to finish on my lunch break. Hella cool kid...

4th July 2014: Embroidery progress - 8 Just finished all four sleeve sections! Here they are, with the almost-finished bust swirls. I've spent 40+ hours on the pictured designs, but still have the flowers to add, and the final back of the neck piece to get done, but I'm delighted with my progress. Should have all the embroidery totally finished by the weekend, ready to begin dress construction!

My aim for this costume is to finish it with enough time to do a wig and make-up test, as Cersei's eyebrow game is ten times as strong as mine. I'm usually working up until the opening of the con, though, so that will be a massive achievement! Here's hoping~

29th June 2014: Embroidery progress - 7 First two sections of the sleeve embroidery are complete! These layer over the top of the sleeves, and will have green and purple flowers accenting the flicky bits (technical term).

24th June 2014: Embroidery progress - 6 Holy hand-embroidery, Batman! Again, super-wonky photo in super-worse light, but I am so astonishingly pleased with this so far!! About twenty hours' work later, I've almost finished the gold for the front of the dress! Might give myself a day off before starting on the sleeve embroidery. The detail on the back of the neck comes last, because the wig will hang over it anyway, so it's not imperative to have finished, in case I need to prioritise other things~

23rd June 2014: Embroidery progress - 5 Photographed at totally the wrong angle, so they're not that wonky I *promise* - Even though I mis-placed one of the swirls and will now have to add an extra one just so it can be seen - I'm about two-thirds up the front of the dress.

22nd June 2014: Embroidery progress - 4 Two whole swirls! One of them is pretty noticeably heavier than the other, with thicker stitches, but I guess I can neaten the thinner one up when I sew it onto the dress at the very end? Here's hoping, anyway.

21st June 2014: Embroidery progress - 3 First swirl completed! This will go on the front left and I'm so damn happy with how it looks, you have no idea~

20th June 2014: Embroidery progress - 2 I have never hand-embroidered a day in my life. This is shocking, and I can only hope I improve xD

In order to not fuck up the gown itself, I'm following Michelle Carragher's 'How I Create an Embroidery' tutorial on her website, by drawing my design onto some gold organza before thickly embroidering around it. When it's done, I'll paint the back with a layer of glue, cut it out and sew it onto the finished dress.

20th June 2014: Embroidery progress - 1 Various initial designs for the bust and shoulder swirls of Cersei's gown. I want to stick as closely to the original as possible, without making it super-hard for myself. Gold swirls first, then adding the purple flowers, feathers and bead adornments. There's a gorgeous bird on there too, but I'm not sure how far my skill will stretch! Hoping to make a good start on the embroidery before beginning construction on the dress, as this is definitely what's going to take the time.

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 7th July 2014
Wow, this is looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress.

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 10th July 2014
This looks fantastic so far! I look forward to seeing it this weekend (ofcourse if I happen to cross you :) )

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 10th July 2014
Progress looks amazing.

springinstep avatar

springinstep - 11th July 2014
This is looking so fabulous!!

Caranth avatar

Caranth - 13th July 2014
Looks amazing so far - love all the hand embroidery

CaptainAmelia avatar

CaptainAmelia - 2nd August 2014
Thank you all so much! I'm very proud of Cersei; looking forward to wearing her again :)

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 2nd August 2014
Fantastic work on this cosplay. The sleeves are especially epic

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 2nd August 2014
Beautiful work, the embroidery is lovely!

Komapsunida avatar

Komapsunida - 2nd August 2014
I keep seeing this and its just beautiful! <3<3

CaptainAmelia avatar

CaptainAmelia - 3rd August 2014
:3 Thanks, everyone! I'm delighted she's been received so well!!