Matt Miller
Saints Row

Cosplayer: naki_uk

Variant: Leader of the Deckers

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Maddannkidd avatar

Maddannkidd - 16th November 2014
Looks awesome!, love the deckers

naki_uk avatar

naki_uk - 17th November 2014
Thank you! The Deckers are really great :)
I hope to have a Super Saint Matt costume ready by Midlands Comic Con next year ;3

Owl avatar

Owl - 26th November 2014
Looks Great~! Love the work you did on the jacket! it looks amazing! ;w;

naki_uk avatar

naki_uk - 28th November 2014
Thank you! I definitely recommend using reflective vinyl over EL wire for glowing parts in a costume. It's so easy to use :3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th May 2015
Looks awesome,the Deckers are badass and Matt's so cute~

naki_uk avatar

naki_uk - 31st May 2015
Thank you! <3 The deckers are the best gang - bar the Saints of course ;)

Cybrus avatar

Cybrus - 30th August 2016
I hope you don't mind me asking but where did you get the reflective materials from. I'm looking to cosplay as Matt and your cosplay is probably the best I have seen so far

naki_uk avatar

naki_uk - 2nd September 2016
Hi, and thanks!
I bought the reflective vinyl on eBay from a seller called 'discounttapes', though this was in 2014 so they might not sell it anymore. It was called 'New Reflective Vinyl Tape 610mm*1m For Sign-Making'.
Hope this helps :)