Queen Himiko

Cosplayer: Deathblow_Prime

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

MadlyScientific avatar

MadlyScientific - 5th May 2014
There's really not enough Okami cosplayers, it's really awesome to see more! I can't wait to see the progress :)

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 9th May 2014
Beautiful design choice ^^ Looking forward to seeing progress

Chimmy avatar

Chimmy - 24th September 2014
The progress on this looks great! I can't wait to see it finnished c:

Darkiekun avatar

Darkiekun - 6th October 2014
Cant wait for this I love Okami!

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 28th October 2014
Really look forward to seeing this, I love Himiko's design. Best of luck with it~