Cosplayer: Jenivix

Variant: Game

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

20th August 2015: Armour Update Collar and bracer complete.

31st July 2015: Ears on A/A

29th July 2015: Fur on and Clipped A/A

26th June 2015: Teeth and Jaw OK - so a little update, last night I used fimo to make a line of teeth and gum to attach behind Mia's top lip.
I've used a translucent fimo for the teeth (looks great irl) and a mix of fimo pinks for the gums. The side where you see the most white will sit flush with the resin while the part with the most pink is the back.
In further progress, Seb managed to detatch the jaw yesterday, but there were alignment difficulties due to dropping the jaw. So we need to rehinge it.

8th June 2015: Eyes Inserted Go to the range to get 2 part epoxy putty, fimo and jewelry wire, come out with wall paint and sweets and fimo.
Go to B&Q to try and get milliput (2 part epoxy putty, they MUST have it there right?) Come out with a strimmer and rubbish epoxy putty which has urea in it.
You know when you have become an crafter when people in craft stores / DIY stores look blankly at you when you ask for an item.

7th June 2015: Eyes Painted Painted two eye blanks today, I'll be fixing them in the mask tomorrow after getting some epoxy putty smile emoticon Finally progress after waiting for a new dremmel!
We'll be drilling and separating the jaw soon too smile emoticon and then FUR.

25th March 2015: Resin Cast - Success! Well - I did the casting today! It was the first time I had slush cast anything, and I have learnt a couple of lessons today!

However, the casting was success =)

17th March 2015: Silicon and Plaster Mold Success! Whelp.... they worked like they were supposed to!

16th March 2015: Silicon Mold & Master Mold Complete! Today I used silicon for the first time! I won't know if it was successful until tomorrow though... I also made the master mold while I was at it out of Modrock, again, I will learn the outcome tomorrow!


11th March 2015: Head Sculpt 5 So this is the final version before casting in silicon!
I've already applied the ridge (it's not a badly applied mane!) which acts as a barrier for the liquid silicon. I've also filled in the holes/removed overhangs. Tomorrow perhaps I'll be applying the silicon and the plaster? Who knows!?
Either way, got to wait for the damned mask... unless I can pretend to by wearing an ineffectual respirator with particle filters and leave the window open? Haha...

10th March 2015: Head Sculpt Materials Get! Just a picture of my materials haul!

16th February 2015: Head Sculpt 4 Nearly there!

Just got to fill in gaps and smooth ready to cast!

5th February 2015: Head Sculpt 3 Sculpt is finally coming together, I anticipate in another sitting I should be at the stage where I can start getting the plaster / silicon mold in place.

As you can see the right hand side is near completion, while the left needs more work to match it.

20th January 2015: Head Sculpt 2 Further work on the sculpt.

11th January 2015: Head Sculpt 1 It's taking shape! Although making it symmetrical is quite tough!

This is the first time I've worked clay on such a large scale (just a little larger than human really!)

I'm using 'monster makers clay' on top of a manikin head which has been bulked out to my proportions. 'Monster Makers Clay' is a beautiful material to work with, although it is an expensive purchase it is well worth the investment, the beauty of it being that it is reuseable!

My only tools so far have been my digits and a shape knife.

Because I was quite unsure on exactly how to scale the mask I did concentrate on one side more than the other, resulting in now having to work on symmetry to a greater extent (because I wasn't adding/subtracting clay equally), which I guess is both a good and a bad thing - since I made quite a few extensive alterations on the right hand side (as you're looking at it) which involved moving a lot of the clay and changing eye shape/cheek shape.