X Men

Cosplayer: princesircastic

Variant: All New X-Factor

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th September 2014: Finished! I spent the last couple of days working on the jacket, including making a pattern from scratch because I've misplaced every other pattern I've ever used (go me).
This means ANXF Remy is officially complete as I've decided to ignore the stupid orange lenses unless I have a stroke of genius about the best way to do them and have them look good (and for me to actually see through them).
Bring on WLFCC.

6th July 2014: Trousers finished and bootcovers done! I finished the trousers yesterday, so I started work on the bootcovers. Since it's supposed to be an all in one suit, I decided they'd have to be attached to the suit instead of just the boots.
Ended up going with some black converse instead of boots so I'll be comfortable, and they're fixed in place by two strips of elastic.

5th July 2014: Trouser progress Managed to finish off one leg today - used a pair of slim fit trousers as a base so I could use the same material as the shirt (and get the exact shade of yellow to match). Only had enough for one leg so the other will have to wait for tomorrow. Definitely liking how this is turning out.

4th July 2014: Shirt complete Got the shirt complete, even though half of it will be hidden by the jacket. Happy with the way it's turned out, though, so I'm looking forward to making the rest and getting it complete. Trousers for the lower half are next!
Although it won't be seen, I made sure to add the pointed ends to the sleeves, and the detailing on the forearms. Sure, I'll have a jacket over them, but at least now if I take the jacket off I'll still have a complete suit!

2nd July 2014: Progress begins! Alright so I realised I have four costumes to finish by October (although one isn't needed until November so it'll be last on my list) so I should probably make a start on them before I blink and it's September.
So ANXF Gambit was top of the list as it's one of the easiest and I have easy access to the materials I need unlike the others.

About 12 hours of sewing later, and I've almost finished the top half of the suit. I still need to add a collar, some black detailing to the back, and some alterations to the ends of the sleeves, but it's pretty much done. Thankfully the lower half is relatively simple in comparison so I should be done with this either before LFCC or just after, depending on how much I can get done. We'll see, I guess.

GroovyGenesCosplay avatar

GroovyGenesCosplay - 21st June 2014
ANXF group yessssssss~

Niamh avatar

Niamh - 17th November 2014
You are actually Remy, I swear! Awesome costume