Once upon a Time

29th March 2014: Wig and make up The sides of the wig were held back with brown hair grips and make up was kept fairly basic.

28th March 2014: Finished shoes The top of the "overlay" as I'm going to call it was folded over the strap and hand stitched. The petal shapes at the bottom were hot glued to the shoe.
The only downside is the spray dye made the leatherette sticky and tacky and I'm not sure why, it has a normal finish on the shoe itself.

27th March 2014: Shoe modifications part 4 I hand sketched the detailed overlay (is that what you would call it?) onto the back of some cream leatherette and cut it out using a mix of scissors and a stanley knife. I drew around the first one to create a pair. Both pieces were then spray dyed blue.

26th March 2014: Shoe modifications part 3 The strap loops were made by using scrap material saved from where I removed the original straps and buckles. I sprayed them blue and hot glued them to the inside of the shoe. The buckles were then attached to the straps and secured with some hand stitching.

25th March 2014: Shoe modifications part 2 The shoe straps were hand made using cream leatherette which was then dyed with the same spray I used on the shoes. The buckles were painted with silver metal paint as they were originally gold.

24th March 2014: Shoe modifications part 1 I removed the straps and buckles from the shoes and dyed them blue using Magix vinyl spray. Thanks to Alias Cosplay for the recommendation! They came out really well =)

22nd March 2014: Outfit alterations The hem of the skirt and petticoat have been raised and I've added hooks and eyes to the inside of the bodice to help with the fit.

18th March 2014: Wig ordered Belle's hair is fairly simple but picking a wig for her has been awkward as it seems as if her hair changes each episode. It varies from loose waves to ringlets and her Storybrooke counterpart has a different shade of brown with highlights too. I was limited for choice as I had to order a wig late so couldn't order from outside the UK. I ended up spending more than I wanted but I'm hoping it will be a good quality wig to be worth it and I will end up using it for all versions of OUAT Belle.

17th March 2014: Base shoes The costume department for the show bought some beige shoes and dyed/painted them blue for Belle so I plan to follow suit. However I need to do a bit of modifying first as well as her shoes have a pattern detail attached to the ankle strap that I cannot find "ready made" as it were, the shoes they used are no longer available.

I decided to start out with a base shoe and make the detailed part out of something like a beige or cream leatherette. When finished the whole shoe shall be sprayed with a pale blue vinyl dye. The base shoes I ended up ordering were some character dance shoes as they had the best shape and heel style, I couldn't find what I wanted by searching for regular court shoes.

16th March 2014: Outfit After a little panic due to it being posted after the stated time my outfit is here and thankfully fits. There is a slight issue with the bodice not staying in place but I'm going to attempt to solve that by adding some hooks and eyes. The skirt and petticoat also needs the hems raised slightly.

13th March 2014: Necklace This was the closest I could find to matching her necklace.

16th February 2014: Outfit ordered I ordered her dress and underclothes from ProCosplay (after researching to make sure they owned the photos) as it seemed the most accurate and well made one available online at the moment. I haven't made a fitted bodice before with boning so was a little unsure about making it myself hence buying it. The shade of blue seems a little dark but her dress does appear darker in a lot of the scenes in the show, the promotional images are shot under bright lighting after all. I figured if it bothers me that much I can take it apart to use as a pattern/guide for making my own with lighter fabric at a later date.

1st February 2014: Reference photos Reference photos

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sjbonnar - 16th March 2014
You're going to suit this so well!