Athena Cykes
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th March 2014: Widget I have managed to throw together some form of Widget so costume is done!

I thought about making the different coloured faces and finding a way to have them slot in so I could interchange them but when testing out all my construction ideas, I inevitably found it was so much easier to give up on the idea, and I doubt I’d bother swapping the faces about that much anyway. My final creation does at least light-up so I at least achieved something vaguely interesting with my lack of prop-making skills.

I built it around a push-light, covered it in turquoise fabric, painted the face on and cast a clear resin dome for the top. The push-light mechanism doesn’t entirely function with everything stuck on top like that – switching it on generally requires some shoogling.

I shaped Wonderflex for all the white pieces. I punched holes in the top and threaded a cable through – the cable a runs right around the circumference of the light and is taped in place underneath the Wonderflex so the weight of it all is nicely supported. It’s finished up with some beads glued in place and fastens at the back.

If I find the motivation to remake it, I’d make it a little smaller and forget about any lights or other complexities. I like the effect of the resin dome so would probably just sculpt clay directly around one.

2nd March 2014: Glove I bought a cheap pair of leather gloves in the hope adapting them might be easier than working completely from scratch. It involved mostly sewing by hand but worked out well enough.

I cut the two fingers shorter, unpicked the tops of the other fingers, basted on the turquoise fabric and sewed them up again. While chopping up the glove, I tore out the lining and took in a few of the seams for a closer fit. The turquoise sections on the palm and the wrist are lined pieces stitched on by hand.

The spare left glove contributed leather for making the wrist strap and other pieces. The strap fastens with velcro. The knuckle things are oval acrylic gems I covered and glued on and the panel they sit on was sewn on by hand. The mood matrix face thingy is a cover button painted with yellow nail polish.

Just Widget to make this week before Minami now!

18th February 2014: Wig The ribbon is made from simple tubes of the turquoise fabric hand sewn in place. For the bow section, I also inserted thin jewellery wire into a channel in the seam allowance to ensure it retains its shape.

18th February 2014: Wig I covered the fringe thing as far as possible with the hair on the wig, then filled the gaps with extra wefts made from hair I trimmed off when cutting the wig into a bob. To secure the style, I used hot glue wherever it couldn't show e.g. for securing the base of wefts, then along the more visible areas relied on tacky glue, Tresemme freeze hold hairspray and a hairdryer.

18th February 2014: Wig I made a wire frame for the fringe section and when I was happy with the size and shape, I covered it in masking tape, painted it orange then sewed and glued it in place on the wig.

18th February 2014: Wig The wig is the Buttercup style from Arda in pumpkin with a clip-on ponytail. Rather than beginning with a short wig, I decided cutting a longer wig would be best to give me plenty spare wefts from everything I trimmed off, as well as making it easy to incorporate the long front strands she has and to blend in the fringe piece I needed to add.

3rd February 2014: Progress so far Remaining things to make: cufflinks, earring, wig, widget and glove.

Few adjustments I want to make (and ironing would be a start…) Especially want to try altering the boots a bit: those covers could do with some help and although it looks about right for accuracy, the boots are the least flattering length possible on me, they end at precisely the wrong point on my leg!

3rd February 2014: Boots I probably could have got away with painting them white if I'd wanted, but there were rhinestones down one side of the boot so I needed to make covers.

3rd February 2014: Boots I first cut them to the right length and although they were already grey, I needed to paint them since they were a bit too dark and the soles had to match too. I painted the edge of the sole, toe and heel area pale grey and made covers from white curtain blackout lining fabric. It's helpful because it doesn't fray so I didn't need to do anything to its edges.

3rd February 2014: Boots I found suitable boots to adapt on ebay. I chose them because they had the right sort of heel and sole; they're suede so would take paint well; and didn't have a zip to interfere with cutting them shorter or adding covers.

3rd February 2014: Tie I found a few free tie patterns online and settled on this one combined with reference to instructions on some other sites. I reduced the length quite a bit but it's otherwise unaltered.

3rd February 2014: Shirt The finished shirt feels more like a waistcoat given the double-layer of fabric, pockets and sleevelessness!

3rd February 2014: Shirt The shirt is a slightly stretchy cotton drill. I used New Look 6435 (once again, a pattern I already had which although not all that suitable, was the starting point I needed) and adapted it significantly. Since I needed facings for the collar anyway and I was concerned the white might be a bit see-through, I lined the entire thing in the same fabric. Lining was also sensible to enclose the pocket bags. I followed this guide to make the single welt pockets: I topstitched all the edges and overlocked and hemmed the armscyes with (having left them open for turning the lining). It fastens with an invisible zip down the front.

Important advice: when marking out lines for pockets (as shown in the photo of the inside of the shirt), be careful with your choice of pen. In hindsight I should have used my water-soluble pen, but it didn’t even occur to me it might matter given I was drawing on interfacing and not directly on the fabric and I’ve happily used biro before like that without any problems.

However, the ink ended up soaking through a bit where I’d sprayed the fabric with the iron when pressing. It was an adventure getting the stain out too – after hand washing and soaking it overnight didn’t work, I tried isopropyl alcohol then acetone which got the worst of it out, but I still ended up soaking it overnight in bleach which finally got it all. It then took a spin in the washing machine to get the bleach smell out. So I now have the cleanest, whitest shirt possible and at least know it’ll easily stand up to washing and whatever else I throw at it…

3rd February 2014: Skirt I patterned out the skirt myself with a bit of trial and error to experiment with the pleats. The pleats vary a bit in references; I wasn't sure if they were meant to be open from the waistband or only lower down. I decided to have them begin where the shirt points end, so have sewn the seams most of the way (at least I can always open them up if I change my mind). It's fully lined in the yellow satin. I couldn't find a bright yellow zip so painted the pull with nail polish to match.

3rd February 2014: Jacket Done apart from cufflinks. I'd somehow lost the attorney's badge from my Calisto costume so had to sculpt a new one from Milliput.

3rd February 2014: Jacket I found wonderful bright gabardine in both yellow and turquoise. I also managed to find a matching yellow satin to line the jacket and skirt.

I used McCall's 5477 as a starting point for the jacket, purely on the basis that I own it and it’s a princess seamed blazer, but it really wasn't that helpful since I had to make such significant adjustments, particularly to reshape the back princess seams, and I all but ignored the sleeve pieces. That was in addition to cropping it and so on. I made a couple of mock-ups and dismantled the final one to make my patterns for both the outer shell and lining.

Photo shows the pattern I came up with, satin lining pieces are on the carpet.

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 5th February 2014
Looking great! :)

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Exelia - 18th February 2014
That wig is looking amazing O_O <3

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TheStarlightFairy - 18th February 2014
This looks great so far.


Holy crap that wig is perfect!

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Sephirayne - 18th February 2014
Wow! That wig is amazing ♥

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Lulu Rose - 3rd March 2014
Fantastic wig work there! I look forward to seeing this at Minami.

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Mighty Odango - 17th March 2014
Perfect AA cosplay, as ever <3

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InfiniteJester - 22nd March 2014
This looks great!

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Nesproxy - 22nd March 2014
You looked AMAZING. Spot on. :)

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Zelvyne - 22nd March 2014
This looks fantastic :) And I love the little Widget you made

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 22nd March 2014
Once again great attention to detail. You always knock out accurate costumes, so your cosplays are spot on! Nice work, and thanks for the helpfull tips in journal - I never would have guessed to make the fringe that way.. :)

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Anonymous - 26th March 2014
So very, very yellow. You are a bannananananannaa! :D

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Freyarule - 26th March 2014
You make such a lovely Athena! I love Widget :D