Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

Kitacon 2014

6th July 2015: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~ Lamiroir from Apollo Justice ~
I made a big miscalculation with my fabric and it meant I couldn’t make it all ruffley TT3TT I really wanna remake it one day though!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Cape – Lots of blue cotton! I had planned the layout for putting the constellation embroidery along it but I ran out of time.
- The Dress – I really like how the neckline came out but it’s covered in like every photo lmao. I can’t remember what fabric I used but I don’t think it was cotton? Either way I did the math wrong which meant my skirt tiers aren’t ruffly which is a shame. The base skirt was just a long tube so it was really easy to make!

* Parts I Modified:
- None!

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- None!

*Wig Styling:
- The pigtails were really straightforward loose pigtails, where I wrapped felt around the hair tie for her accessories. I used rollers and a hairdryer to shape her weird bangs!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Ayanamisatoru (online store now closed)
WORN WITH: Bakurakat as Machi // Pixiesoul as Clay
PHOTOGRAPHER: Beth Dooner Photography

bakurakat avatar

bakurakat - 19th January 2014
ohohohohooo i am so excited for thisss! :D

madmazda86 avatar

madmazda86 - 5th June 2015
Yay Lamiroir! I cosplayed her years ago and it was so much fun :D