Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Cosplayer: Fables

Variant: Magical Girl

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

27th October 2014: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~ Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magika – Magical Girl Ver. ~
This is the second costume that I threw in the bin after I wore it, mostly because it was rushed and sad and I can do better!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- Bows! – All made from varying shades of cotton with the same base pattern, I think there were three different sizes altogether?
- The Dress – I made my own pattern at first but couldn’t get the fit right, so I used a shirt as a base and it was STILL not right, leaving it to be unflattering. But the petal shaped skirt came out really nicely and I’m really proud of all of the bias binding.
- The Petticoat – It’s tulle covered in a polycotton layer with lots of satin ribbon ruffles! The ruffles came out really nicely but the whole thing was rushed so nowhere near the right shape.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Gloves – I added ribbon around the wrists and extra white cotton for the puffy cuffs.
- The Shoes – I took out the original fastenings and replaced it with red ribbon, so I could loop it around my ankles.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- The Socks

*Wig Styling:
- The pigtail wig was from eBay, I trimmed the tails a little bit and backcombed them for some volume. Then I trimmed the fringe as well, but I could have probably made it shorter still.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WORN WITH: Bakurakat as Mami // Freyarule as Sayaka
PHOTOGRAPHER: Beth Dooner // MangaGirl

14th October 2014: WIPs 14/10/14 Part 2 So when I first started making this costume months ago, I tried making the Bodice pattern from scratch. I carried on from this yesterday and realized it worked somewhat and the fit was lovely, but for some reason it was baggy around the top line and didn't sit quite right. I put this down to lack of practice, and wrote that first try off as a failure.
Instead of wasting more fabric, I took a plain white shirt and used that as a pattern with some modification. It's a bit of a cheat, but I don't want to waste even MORE fabric incase I still don't get the fit right. I need to add a dart or two, but overall this fits much better.

Lastly, I got my Petal Skirt cut! I was kind of worried about this because it's like, a third Circl-Skirt Math and the rest is guesswork. I used a half-circle again so it sits properly ontop of my cupcake poof. I still need to add the bias binding on the edges, but apart from that I'd say it was all ready to go! I made the "hole" for it a bit big, hopefully to make it easier when putting it on, but apart from that it fits nicely. Phew!

14th October 2014: WIPs 14/10/14 Part 1 Today was a SUPER productive day, and I'm pleased with how far I got even if it wasn't quite what I'd hoped to achieve.
First of all, I got all of my Petticoat fabrics cut for my first run. I'm using this tutorial: (one of the ones I mentioned before).
I've made everything from half-circle skirts. So there's a bottom layer that's half polycotton, two layers on top of that made of Tulle, and then a full top layer that's plain white. IF this isn't enough, all I intend to do is repeat the two tulle layers and sew everything to one chunky waistband. There's over 35m of White Ribbon involved in there, so I've got a LOT of gathers to do. It's time-consuming, but at least it's simple.

The next thing I finally got around to doing is cutting/styling Madoka's wig! She finally has a scruffy fringe. I want the pigtails to look somewhat messy like they do in the anime, so I keep backcombing them slightly. Last thing I need to do to the wig is attach hair hair bows to the pigtails- that way they'll always be in the right place.

28th April 2014: Bodice Tutorials. I'm determined to get everything right on this one so this time, here are some tutorials for the bodice. I was uncertain on modifying a bodice block neckline so went to the internet for help. It proved fruitful!
Princess Seam: I intend to use this to make the pattern on the front, and to make sure it looks neat.
Sweetheart Neckline: Madoka's collar looks as though it's just a lower, more square sweetheart leckline. So, I've done a little reading up on how to modify my pattern to a Sweetheart without too much trouble. My main worry was how it would sit with the darts but that doesn't seem to be too much of an issue, looking at things.
Puffed Sleeves: One thing I'm also not very good at is sleeves! So this mini tutorial on puffed sleeves is a little bit of a godsend, truth be told!
Sleeves: Oh, here's the tutorial for making a basic sleeve in the first place!

28th April 2014: Shoes and Wig (The Basics) I've now bought a wig and placed a bid on some shoes. Very excited to see if I win or not, they're very cute looking! I bought the shoes first because it's going to be easier to color-match the red details once I have those shoes, rather than choosing a fabric/bias that I like and having to find shoes the right color to match! I also need to start looking at the two shades of pink I want to use, too.
The Wig is here:
And the Shoes are here:

2nd April 2014: Skirt Tutorials! For me to come back to later, here are the two skirt tutorials found on a very helpful Tumblr, as well as third showing how I make my circle skirts.
Circle Skirt Layers:
Tulle Layers:
Circle Skirt Basics:
Found another Petti tutorial too! Wonderful!

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Exelia - 29th April 2014
Good luck~! Madoka is tricky but so fun to make :D enjoy all the ruffles!

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InfiniteJester - 29th April 2014
Oh wow, this would be great to see!

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PandoraCaitiff - 5th June 2015
So cute! :D