Black Widow
Avengers Assemble

Cosplayer: Sephirayne

Variant: Avenger Gown

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st August 2014: Finally a butt bow and complete As we were rewearing these again for LFCC 2014 I decided to finally add the bow at the back. I had some basic red satin left over from another project so decided to use that. I rushed it together just prior to the event as I was focused on commission work at the time. I my rush it ended up on the wrong seam. Thankfully my brother was able to fix it.

I decided to make the bow separate for ease of storage and travel.

Not entirely happy with how the dress turned out. May make this at a later date with some plastic boning as the back kept dropping down. It ended up being too big so I had to take in the bust seams and side seams. Will adjust pattern for a remake.

I did enjoy being all glam for a change. Would be happy to rewear this in the future.

Sadly I have no photos of the progress due to me rush making this.

19th May 2014: Trial run at Collectormaina MK and adding final touches I wore the costume on the Sunday at Collectormaina MK. Overall I was pleased with how it turned out. There is some adjusting that needs doing as I didn't taking into account my long body and short legs so the waistline does sit a little high. I will add the butt bow for LFCC as well as the gloves. I'll leave the fur stole off for LFCC as it was quite hot with it.

I'm counting this costume as complete even with the bow to still be added as it is for the most part complete.

19th May 2014: Rush build. I ended up being ill and the event was fast approaching. I didn't get much of a chance to get into town to get the red fabric I needed for the butt bow so ended up not making it in the end.

I made the dress in a very fast turnaround. As it was for me I didn't mind rushing it. It took me approx six hours to make it. This included all the finishing and the lining.

As I was missing the butt bow I added a fur stole. This was from stock and took me roughly an hour to make.

Sadly due to the speed in which I put this together I have no progress pictures to show you.

10th May 2014: Making Jewellery Taking a brief break from work to put together a necklace for my costume. I felt it needed some extra bling. I'm using some Swarovski bi-cones to add some sparkle.

2nd May 2014: Wig and fur stole I found a perfect wig via a website that my brother recommended but sadly it wouldn't have arrived in time for Collectormaina MK in May so decided to find a more local option. Through a friend I was able to get one locally and I really love the wig. Hoping to do a make-up test with it very soon.

With my ill health history I do find I feel the cold really easily. With that in mind I'll be adding a fur addition to my outfit that allows me to keep warm should I get too cold. I'm making it from left over fake fur I had bought in bulk for Lucius Malfoy.

Pictures to come very soon.

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 3rd May 2014
Ohh, that's awesome! I really hope I see this at MK!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 7th May 2014
Thank you ever so much. I'll be wearing this on the Sunday of MK along with a Thor and a Captain America from the same designs.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 20th May 2014
Saw pics on facspace, you look really awesome in this. :D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 21st May 2014
Thank you ever so much hun.

Will put more pics up soon ^_^

Raine avatar

Raine - 15th July 2014
Gutted I didn't see you and your group when you all wore these at LFCC. Clearly I am giving you a perfect excuse to wear it again... right? :D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 16th July 2014
Shame you missed us. Sadly, due to traffic problem we got to the event very late on the Friday and only wore them for a couple of hours. Yes, we will be wearing them again in the future. Hopefully with more additions. Would like a photoshoot at some point so there is a high chance of wearing them again ^_^