Alice Liddell
Heart no Kuni no Alice / Alice in the Country of Hearts

Cosplayer: Noa

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th January 2014: Dress and Apron Both of these are complete now at long last!
Just to do the socks and finish the shoes aaand trim the wig!

16th January 2014: Apron and dress underway! So the apron is pretty much nearly done. The dress is getting there!

4th January 2014: Shoes So she has Mary Jane shoes..however i can't find any!!
I don't have very long to go till Midlands now so i settled for these flat shoes (with no heal), which look kinda Mary Jane-ish! I then painted them in radiator enamel (haha, no joke) and then spray enamelled the red! Need to do another couple more coats though!

24th December 2013: Bow Complete It's a start at least! The large bow which sits on her head

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InfiniteJester - 25th December 2013
Ahhh this would be awesome to see!

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Noa - 16th January 2014

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InfiniteJester - 30th June 2014
You suit Alice so much!