SewNovember Projects
SewNovember Projects

Cosplayer: madmazda86

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

16th November 2013: Beanbag - Day 4 I couldn't get to the shops before closing time to get zips and felt so instead I spent the evening cutting out the other pattern pieces. We have people over on Saturday and Sunday which means I can't have the sewing machine on the table to sew these bits together. But I should be able to cut out the eyes and pin everything for a big sewing session on Monday!

15th November 2013: Beanbag - Day 3 I cut the new pattern piece and it seems to work okay! I'm left with a bit of a peak in the centre where all the segments meet, just like on the reference art. Having made that, I now have to copy all those pattern pieces again to make the inside cover. Before I sew this big piece in, though, I need to sew the eyes on, which means buying some more white felt tomorrow, as well as two heavy duty zips - one for the inside cover and one for the outside. This allows me to wash the cover if required. Which reminds me that our green Puyo beanbag is in need of stripping and washing!

Sorry I haven't posted any photos so far, I've been so damn busy that I don't really have time to mess about with connecting my phone or camera to the PC to upload!

14th November 2013: Beanbag - Day 2 I sewed all the segments together except for the last one. I had a go at pinning it to the circle acting as the bottom, but there's fabric left over, so the circle is too big or I need to make another panel. I've split the last segment in half almost to the tip to act as a pattern to cut a larger segment, but having stuffed the beanbag with a duvet to get an idea of how big it's going to be... it's pretty big! But then the other Puyo beanbag we have is kinda small and you can sit on it but you can't properly curl up in it, so I think that's why I cut this one bigger when I cut the pattern pieces way back in late 2011. I have PLENTY of yellow fabric so I'm kind of inclined to keep this one the size it currently is rather than make it smaller, in which case I just need to pattern out a new panel to fill in the leftover space. I think that was the stage I was at when I last worked on it - that I needed to pattern that last panel. But then why would I have cut a 7th segment? Past me, you make no sense! Oh well. That's tomorrow's job!

13th November 2013: Beanbag - Day 1 Well, I had 8 days of being sick, which sucked, but I'm back! Last night I dug out all the bits of beanbag I had cut out yonks ago and hadn't done anything with. I've got a lot of yellow fabric left over and it was pretty cheap so I'm going to make the inside cover with that too. So last night I used the original pieces I had as a template to start cutting this. I had 7 segments (the beanbag is going to be circular) but when I pinned them together there weren't enough to go around the circumference of the circle that I'd cut out. Woops! I'm going to sew together what I have tomorrow and see how big the final missing segment needs to be to fill everything in.

I'm making the yellow Puyo from Puyo Pop Fever :D

4th November 2013: Ironing board cover - Day 4 All finished! Seems to be staying on well, gave it a test run by ironing my fiance's shirt and it worked fine! I seem to be coming down with a cold so that may affect the rest of this week :/

3rd November 2013: Ironing Board cover - Day 3 Took me ages to thread the elastic through the channels after turning it inside out! I've put it on the ironing board and it seems to fit okay! I bought 2.5m of elastic and only really needed 2m but never mind. Tomorrow I will sew the elastic to secure it, and slip-stitch the cover closed :D

I have some leftover panda fabric so I might use the rest of this week to make a bag out of it!

2nd November 2013: Ironing Board cover - Day 2 Today I sewed the two sides together. I had more fabric than I needed so I thought I'd make it double-layered for extra durability. As an experiment I've done the elastic channel on the inside so there's only one seam on the outside. I tried it on the ironing board and it only just fits. I'm going to buy some elastic tomorrow and see if it's going to work once the elastic's in. If not then I'll just sew a third row of stitches and unpick the innermost row to expand it a little.

1st November 2013: Ironing Board cover - Day 1 I'm super busy this week so am just doing a little each day. Today I stripped off the old ironing board cover (which has a huge hole in it!) to get at the foam pad beneath. I used this as a template for the new cover, which has ALL THE PANDAS XD

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Freyarule - 2nd November 2013
Aww cute! I love the panda fabric XD hope the project is a success :)