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Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

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29th July 2016: Amecon 2016 Brought Tess out again for a reunion and this time we used lots of stage makeup to get a proper grubby and bruised look.
Love the photos from our fun shoot with Zero Drift!

11th August 2013: Muddy Trousers Copious amounts of paint on the trouser hems, splashing higher on the inside leg. Followed this up with sandpapering to wear it in and scuff up the edges of the rips.

11th August 2013: Bag The finished bag, trashed and ready!
This was SO useful at the con, more pockets and bags in cosplay, please.

11th August 2013: Bandana It was tough to find a material like the ref and I didn't want to paint the design as it would just come straight off with the sandpaper weathering technique.
In the end Kuma found a bandana with a similar enough trim on it, so I cut off this trim from three sides of the bandana and sewed them end to end to make one strip of just the design I wanted, long enough to tie as a headscarf.
A few patches of acrylic 'mud' and it was good to go!

11th August 2013: Sleeves I ripped the sleeves off to get a rough looking edge and then attacked them with sandpaper and acrylic paint.

11th August 2013: Weathering Shirts Picked up 'burnt umber' and 'sap green' acrylic paint which mixed to make a great murky dirt brown.
After a bit of trial and error I got the best effect by painting it on normally, working it into the nooks of seams and top stitching, then going over it with coarse sandpaper (like dry-brushing for fabric). This tattered up the surface and left the paint looking properly worn into the fabric.

Extra sandpapering on points of wear (hems, pockets, fastenings, knees/elbows etc) made it look even older. The photo is a comparison shot when I'd only done the right hand side.

Finally I added some random mud wipe marks and sandpapered those down to look like old grime.

10th August 2013: Playing in the Garden The weather was so nice this weekend! We took to the garden to stomp and stain everything.

The tea/grass/dirt marks looked really good in person, but too subtle for costume photos. Bring on the acrylic paint!

10th August 2013: Weathering Trousers For tips on weathering we referred to http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Clothes-Look-Vintage-and-Worn (spot the surprise Laura).

Looking at the references all the characters clothes are in surprisingly good condition, so I didn't want to go slashing things up too much. Using a craft knife I sliced along the hems and a few small patches on the thighs before throwing the jeans in the wash to fray. The photo is pre-wash so the cuts aren't very obvious.

3rd August 2013: Results So happy with the colours. Everything lightened up a little once dry, so I'm glad I didn't water anything down.

3rd August 2013: Dying Time I used Dylon 'olive green' dye for the bag and 'burlesque red' for the shirt.
As expected from Primarni, although the shirt was 100% cotton, the stitching was polyester and stayed pure white. Annoying, but seeing as I'm trashing it anyway it's not a major problem.

Around the time I took this photo I realised I'd dyed the wrong bag! Beware groups with similar yet not identical items D:
In the end I kept this bag and we poured the left over purple and green dyes together to get a murky brown for Kuma's bag.

3rd August 2013: Primarni Loot I already had some old jeans and boots, so I just needed to pick up a shirt, bag and headband.
I couldn't find the exact items, but I was able to get the right style bag and shirt in the wrong colours. Everything was cotton and pale so I grabbed it anyway and picked up fabric dye.

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Sephirayne - 15th September 2013
Loving the photos. You look great.