Animal Crossing

Cosplayer: Fables

Variant: Gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

3rd August 2015: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~ Celeste from Animal Crossing – Gijinka Ver. ~
I wish I still had that fleece jacket, it was SO CUTE AND COMFY
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Bow – I used a rounded bow pattern and filled it with wadding and feathers, so it’s super plush and squishy.
- The Cardigan – One of my favourite things I’ve made! The main body shape is very boxy but I added waist darts just so it wasn’t super unflattering. The sleeves were the hardest part, as I had to hem around the curved ‘feather’ shape. So cozy and warm though!
- The Skirt – A white cotton circle skirt that I painted a checkered pattern on, to match Celeste’s tummy pattern! I also added embroidery thread details as a kind of, outline? This was attached to my shirt so it’s like a one-piece dress.
- The Bloomers – In as close as I could get a colour match to the cardigan, they’re just polycotton with elasticated cuffs and waistline.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Shirt – I added darts so it fits more snugly and replaced the buttons with cuter ones! Then I sewed the skirt along the bottom so it’s a one-piece dress.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- The Tights
- The Shoes

*Wig Styling:
- I cut the fringe in a ‘V’ shape to match the shape of Celeste’s eyebrows, and also cut two short flicked-out ‘ears’ on top!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Coscraft’s Lily in Mahogany Red (I think)

13th March 2014: WIPs 13/03/14 Here's a breakdown of everything from my latest WIP image!
1) Just a quick image of the skirt on, checking the fit and so on and how the pattern looks.
2) One of my sleeves! Made of fleece for squishy squish comfort.
3) Quick image of the shirt on, with the darts sewn in place.
4) Just a picture of the buttons I used on the cardigan. I thought they were very cute!
5) The cardigan "body" thrown over my shirt.
6) My tights arrived! Super-yellow-legs go!
7) I cut the wig's fringe in. I tried to get it to follow my brow shape, kind of like the pattern on Celeste's head?
8) The bow that will sit atop my head! Stuffed with feathers, much squish.
9) The little ribbon that sits on my neck like a bow. Attached with the same button that I used for the cardigan <3

9th March 2014: WIPs 09/03/14 Plodding on today. I've had DVD's on as beckground noise to spur me on through some of the more boring tasks. So far there has been more embroidery! I've pinned the darts in place on my shirt. 3 pairs in all, I didn't realize it was THAT big! I've also cut out and pinned the body of my cardigan. I'm using a really comfy fleece! It might not be the best fabric, but it has a slight stretch, is soft, and matches the color of my soon-to-be bloomers! Speaking of bloomers, my current task is looking up how to make a pair! Once they're pinned, I'll get my machine out and have a sewing blitz!

7th March 2014: WIPs 06/03/14 So, here's a breakdown of the stuff I did this week- mostly today to be honest!
1) I re-made the circle skirt afresh and it's been ironed to "set", although I might re-iron it just to be sure. Next is to sew in the lining!
2) I bought a shirt the other day to make into the top half of the "dress". I need to add another button further up, and I also bought a size too big so I can add the darts myself- this is personal preference to be honest rather than anything technical. I'll be cutting this off at my natural waist and sewing it onto the skirt. I've made it so that I can pull the whole thing over my head for comfort.
3) My wig arrived from Coscraft the other day. It's "Mahogany Red" and it's beautiful. This is me wearing it right outta the bag. I need to style the lil' owl ears and also cut in a cute fringe!
4) To add a bit more definition to the pattern and also because in the artwork it looks like there is somewhat of an outline, I started to sew embroidery thread along the edges of the squares. It's pretty relaxing! I want to get this done BEFORE the lining is added, so that it looks nice and neat on the inside.

4th March 2014: Ooops So, I bought some plain fabric to make my Circle skirt!
Despite the pattern being perfect, I totally messed up painting the pattern so I'm gonna have to re-do it. A bit of a waste of money but hey ho, this is how we learn!
I'd have an image if my phone hadn't ran dry ;A;

EDIT: snagged a photo this morning before I left for work of one layer of paint once it has dried. The color is right but he consistency isn't, so this will be my "test" and I'll make another before tr end of the week.

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 21st September 2013
Aww that art is adorbs! As is Celeste. Interested to see how this goes :)

EvilShadowMaster avatar

EvilShadowMaster - 5th March 2014
This is my second time seeing someone do animal crossing cosplay ^_^ AC is one of my favourite games, and it forever will be!
I wish you good luck, hope your skirt goes well next time ^_^' mistakes happen, right?

Lady Oni avatar

Lady Oni - 5th March 2014
D'awww!!!!! This is gonna be so adorable!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 8th March 2014
I love your costume drawings! - I didn't know you were such a good Manga artist too! ^_^