Elizabeth Swann
Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl)

Cosplayer: CaptainAmelia

Variant: Burgundy gown

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th October 2013: Future modifications. I wore this costume on Sunday of WLFCC, and absolutely adored it from the off! Still, even the practice of wearing it brings up problems I hadn't even considered, and unless I make a list of them here and now, I'll only go and forget before Expo!

* Still have four black satin buttons to sew on, on the sleeve cuffs.
* Mofidy shoes. Maybe find more SA buckles.
* Sew lace panels more securely to inside of bodice. Lower one side slightly.
* Attach skirt to bodice - Double-thickness of thread? Snaps? Hooks-and-eyes?
* Re-jig bumroll - The knot at the front made it difficult for the front 'v'-shape to sit flat!

5th October 2013: 24 hours and counting... Hideous shift in lighting, but I've finished attaching all the skirt trim, and have made good headway on the bodice! My fingers feel like they've been gnawed at by small animals, but it's totally worth it (Y)

3rd October 2013: EVEN MORE SHIFTY. Eyelets added to shift! I, along with every other sane human, completely hate eyelets, so I literally only set the ones you'll see underneath the front split of the bodice. If I have the time/inclination, I'll set them all the way down the front, and on the sleeves. I really love the fit of this dress, though, even if you'll never see it underneath the skirt!

3rd October 2013: Ridiculous sleeves. I have genuinely never made anything more ridiculous than these sleeves in my LIFE. Took the black panel out to add the lace, and am experimenting with the cuff pleating on the left-hand sleeve, which is why it looks so sassy! Really loving the progress on this one~

2nd October 2013: More bodice progress. The burgundy and black brocade panels are all stitched on - Just need to add the lace to the top of the black panels, and work out how to have them stand up. I'm thinking either interfacing again, or some wire???

1st October 2013: Looking a little shifty... Those were the FIRST SLEEVES I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE and I actually don’t think they look too bad. Okay, so they did cut off my circulation to begin with, and the range of movement still isn’t great, but I’m really pleased. The shift still needs eyelets all the way down the front, and down the sleeves, but I’m definitely not going to deal with them this evening (Y)

25th September 2013: MADE A BETTER SKIRT THIS EVENING~ It still needs lining with the burgundy satin - Thought I might use the wrong side of the fabric, because I hate costume satin with a passion - And the brocade, as well as gathering at the waist and somehow fastening to the bodice, but the overskirt is getting there!

23rd September 2013: Made a skirt this evening~ It’s hardly the swankiest of things, and I haven’t hemmed it because I don’t have the right shoes yet, and there’s a dusty white mark on the front that I really, really hope scrubs out, but, aside from that, I’m super happy!

It’s just a simple gathered rectangle skirt with a waistband and a hook-and-bar fastening on the front to form the split, as there’s another layer to go underneath, but it's the first time I've made any type of skirt other than a full circle on my own, and I love how it turned out :D

22nd September 2013: LOOK I DON’T JUST WEAR THE SAME SHIRT EVERYTIME I’M SEWING Pinned the bodice it to my skin, and it doesn’t look too bad! I think the interfacing was thicker than I needed, so I don’t think I’ll be boning it??? Idk, I might. Depends. Still got to work out if I’m lining it. ARGH.

(Billionth journal update without actually achieving anything, but it makes me feel accomplished okay.)

21st September 2013: Evade responsibilities - Go fabric shopping. Lovely little stash~ I was lucky enough to find the burgundy fabric for the dress on sale for the grand total of £1 per metre(!!!1) so I snapped up, like, six metres of that, and I’m probably going back for more. The lace is for the sleeve cuffs, and the black fabric is for the underskirt. It’s got a little bit of a pattern to it, not quite as prominent as hers, and I really like it. On the left are some of the buttons, the gold one you can barely see, and two of the many satin-covered black ones. These, and some black frog fastenings I haven’t got my hands on yet, are on the shoulders, cuffs and centre of the bodice. There's a whole pile more of lining and interfacing and notions, but they're DULL.

20th September 2013: Does my bum look big in this??? Made a totally ghetto bumroll out of a pair of tights and some scrap fabric, which works surprisingly well. It’s totally inaccurate for the time period (1570s, not 1750s, history student), but it gives the same effect as Elizabeth’s bustle. Tried it out on a random skirt, and I think it looks great! Best of all, cost = £0 :D

18th September 2013: Bodice progress! Cutting it perilously fine for WLFCC, but I'm determined to get there - Doesn't look too tricky... Brand new pattern, so I whipped up a mock-up bodice to get the fit right, and I think it looks really good. Most of the seams are in the right place anyway; I just had to replace the back fastening with a front one. Excuse the pyjama bottoms - And welcome to my new university room! My mirror need a good clean...

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 19th August 2013
Looking forward to seeing this.

Clockwork Fairy avatar

Clockwork Fairy - 27th September 2013
Can't wait to see this!

CaptainAmelia avatar

CaptainAmelia - 27th September 2013
Thanks, guys :') This is my most ambitious costume to date, so I hope it lives up to expectation~!

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 6th October 2013
Fantastic costume and I’m amazed at how quickly you made this. It’s good to see a costume with a detailed journal too.

Clockwork Fairy avatar

Clockwork Fairy - 6th October 2013
This is fantastic!

flamewizo avatar

flamewizo - 21st October 2013
I was at WLFCC :\ was this on saturday? love the costume