Naegi Makoto
Dangan Ronpa

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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10th November 2013: .:COMPLETE:. Pretty much, the definition of a complete cosplay basically means; if you wear it, are you the character? Yes. If I put my whole cosplay on as it is, right now, it would be Naegi. The only thing missing is the pin, but my boyfriend is on that soon enough and I won't really know when its finished, anyway. Even if its done last minute.
I do need to take in the hoodie a bit, though. The sleeves are way to baggy and barely go into the sleeves of my small ass blazer. I'll be messing with it, even if its technically complete.

1st November 2013: Hoodie at 90% Done PAINTING HAS BEEN FINISHED.
Done with a sponge to make it look like,,,well,,,how it looks. haha. It had a weird effect on it so I used a sponge to do it haha.
All I need to do now is hand sew the zips on. I have started the first zip. Struggling with the amount of thread, though, sobs. But I don't have a foot for zips, so I'm stuck hand sewing like a bitch.
Oh well. I'm sure I can do it in 20 days lAUGHS

26th October 2013: Hoodie Progress It has arrived
and it is miles too big haha
It's possible to take it all up. I'll be removing the sleeves since most artworks that were revealed reveal it as a short sleeved hoodie.
Also, am I the only one who noticed that the zip on the hood is green and not white? Well, according to in-game sprites, anyway.
The anime seemed to make it white to make it more obvious, but in-game, the zip isn't all that obvious and looks green. It was a small detail, but they could have edited it whenever they wanted, so its clearly on purpose.
So, the zip i bought for the hood is green. I might paint it white if it looks bad or if anyone points it out. memorabilia is mostly just a test run for him, anyway. I'll either do him to Midlands (or Aoba for that one) or he'll definitely come out at Kitacon.
Tomorrow, I should be going to HobbyCraft for paint for the hood and maybe some bias binding if the material i'm gonna use isn't good enough.
But, this hoodie involves a lot of taking up. I tried the blazer on over it and holy shit it felt awkward. So taking it in is the main option once I've added the zips and stuff.

17th October 2013: Hoodie Ordered Ordered in Men's 4XL because then I can be SURE it fits perfectly and in specific ways and that the hood would go over my wig and such. It'll mostly be taken in/up so I'll be sorting it all out.
It's pretty much the same colour as Naegi's. 'Military Green'. £30 but it would have been no better looking around Nottingham for hours until I found one that probably wouldn't fit at all. But, I'm just glad I finally found one.

10th October 2013: Brooch progress My boyfriend, Bond-of-Flame, has agreed to make my little brooch for me. He's really good with plastic so making a little bit of gold plastic should be easy for him, so he's happy to help. <3

10th October 2013: .:Blazer:. I found my old blazer and it still, kinda, fits! It's a little short at the arms, but,,,as long as I don't raise my arms above my head should be fine?
Okay, truth be told, I want a new one, but money is an issue. Plus I can't really find any right now that don't involve stealing my dads. I may just buy a shit ton of black fabric after midlands and make the blazer since my blazers shoulder pads feel...too much? Either that or I might remove the pads a little.
for memorabilia, i think this one will do. Needs a wash to get rid of some shit on it, but that's all. Glad I've got it.
Just gotta get a hoodie to edit then i'm done

4th October 2013: .:Wig:. Yes! The wig turned up within, literally, two days! I'm definitely gonna buy more from coscraft. I was paranoid, like I said, about the ahoge, since the wig might not have been thick enough. But dayum, its thick and flicks out perfectly in the right places! It feels short but Naegi's hair isn't exactly long, so...seems normal. I'll have to clip it and spray it down a lot, too, since it seems to have issues with spiking out in strange areas. Gotta cut the fringe a bit, too and figure out which directions its supposed to go since it's thick on one side, but it's here and it's wonderful!

2nd October 2013: .:Shoes:. Visited Primark after Uni today and finally got a decent, brand spanking new, pair of converse. I would've bought his, canon, vans type shoes, but, sadly, i had to go primark for the cheapness, so none of the vans went bigger than a size 5. I'm a size 7, sadly. The converse had my size though, so I got these for a nice £7

2nd October 2013: Wig Bought~! Bought the wig for Naegi from Coscraft since they had a decent priced wig they say is specifically for Naegi. Didn't have the ahoge, but I'm assuming it's thicker at the top. Well, the image looks thicker, anyway. If not, I'll either have to try wefting, or I can send it back and say I didn't like it,,,,I'm pretty sure it'll be fine, tho

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 20th November 2013
Looks good!

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dan-dan - 22nd November 2013
you look awesome :D

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WhiteWraith - 26th November 2013
You really suited him :3