Breath Of Fire 3

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Variant: Concept Art/BoF4 Cameo

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th July 2016: Out of... ...well, not retirement, as I've not retired anything! But I needed a second cosplay for MCM Manchester 2016 and, in all honesty, it was a toss-up between Teepo and Dust. Both of 'em need stuff redoing/improving, but I felt (slightly) more confident with doing Teepo's breastplate, gauntlets and sword than doing Dust's Ahrah Blade (complete with glowing LED runes. I WILL do that at some point!)

So, all going well, Teepo's coming to Manchester. I would like to get him some boot covers too but, with time as tight as it is (around three weeks to go), I'll likely just wear Dust's boots instead. I'll likely be wearing them for Zayne/my GW2 thief too. :D

3rd June 2014: Obligatory Post-Expo Entry Well, it's official. If you're wearing a wig, MCM May's gonna be warm! Anyway, about the cosplay:

Jumpsuit/Scarf: No problems here. Given this was the first big test of my machine-sewing fu, this turned out better than I hoped. The scarf was okay too, but probably could have done with being longer in order to make it easier to put over my head twice.

Gauntlets/Gloves: If I'm gonna rewear Teepo, then these will likely need a lot of work, if not remaking altogether. With how rigid they ended up becoming after having to use stuff that wasn't gesso, the gauntlets were pretty ill-fitting as a whole, running up onto the bottom of my palms. The gloves themselves were as simple as grabbing the first thing I found that was the right colour. In hindsight, not the best move. In future, I should get some in a more form-fitting material.

Boots: The black "cuffs" were fine, but the silver braces simply couldn't hold up to a day of walking about. Given that the boots were actual boots instead of simple boot covers (which I haven't learned how to make yet), they were going to be inherently problematic due to how irregular wellies are as a base (as some "anime-style" boots often rise high up the shin and have no laces). This meant that the foam I used had no stable platform on which to get stuck, regardless of what glue I used and, as people might have noticed by the end of Saturday, they'd all either fallen off or been taken off by me 'cause I'd just given up with them. The silver section'll likely be just painted on until I learn how to do a better solution.

Sword/Scabbard: The sword was pretty much an example of "I know the blade doesn't look very sword-like, but if it's not being whipped out that much, it'll be fine" The scabbard was fine... except for me having a derp moment and trying to paint over accidental gold spray from painting the golden bands with the wrong type of paint. Which got onto the bracers during the Expo over a month later. So I'll probably wash that off. As for the blade, I might be able to chop it down to a more blade-like shape, then reprime/sand/paint the exposed sections. But that'd mean making another scabbard or somehow making the current one fit.

Armour: Oh, where to begin, you velcro-ridden problem child? By the end of Saturday, a third of the velcro was trying to make a bid for freedom, the paint/gesso was cracking at the edges from all the flexing and, while it sounded like a good idea in my head, having a two-layer, front-fastening breastplate was way more work to put on/take off, especially when combined with everything else. I'll likely be redoing this for the future, and having it as a rear-fastening single layer job. That way, the front will be a continuous piece as I originally wanted it to be and it shouldn't be as cumbersome. Perhaps I'll work on the area around the shoulders too, as the armour was somewhat limiting on my arms.

So, all in all, there were a lot of things which I could've done better but, for my first big self-constructed cosplay project, it went a lot better than I originally hoped. Of course, if that could stop my mind from choosing the centre of a masquerade stage to suddenly go blank, that would be great. But we can't have everything, right? But, the hell with it. It was worth it to hear someone shout out, "You were awesome, Teepo!" on my way back to the hotel. I knew I likely wouldn't win anything in the actual Masquerade, so that in itself - combined with the fact I actually signed up and did it - was a victory.

And, for rightfully saying my first bash at the Masquerade would be fun and not fraught with failure, thanks Princess Derpy! ;)

21st May 2014: That's It! \o/ Jumpsuit, scarf, armour, boots, gauntlets and the sword. It's finally done! I might give the whole cosplay a try tomorrow, including the wig and a hopefully non-failure attempt at some really basic make-up. There are quite a few things I could have done better but, for my first time making armour/a sword/a scabbard/a jumpsuit, I think it turned out pretty well! And I wasn't stuck until 4am on the Friday like last year!

10th May 2014: Home Stretch... The jumpsuit's pretty much done. All I've really got left to do is putting the armour together to the extent that it looks good!

EDIT: Jumpsuit's finished! All I need to do now is get some more velcro for the armour (to make it so the top layer doesn't stick out as much), do yet more gluing to get it all down, then FINALLY paint it. After that, it's getting the wig styled and perhaps a full-on test before the Expo if there's time. :D

4th May 2014: The Armour Begins! The plan right now for the armour involves three total pieces of foam, arranged over two layers. The bottom layer will be made up of the two pieces on the sides, which get fastened in place with velcro straps around the front.

The central piece will be the top layer, which will (hopefully) be fixed to the bottom layer with press studs and end up hiding the unglued centre of the bottom layer. Here's hoping it looks good when it's all put together!

3rd May 2014: Boom! With smudges of gesso on my shirt and paint (somehow) on my arm, I now have a scabbard to go with Teepo's sword! One day's work well spent!

1st May 2014: Boots Done..? Everything's on there that should be! The only question mark on the whole affair is how well the gluing job will hold up when I'm wearing them and walking around.

1st May 2014: The Scabbard Begins! Starting to put images on the journal now, as opposed to the Photos area. Anyhoo, I'm down to the last few hurdles between me and calling this cosplay - the first one I've done without buying a premade majority (Aeon) or predominately modifying store-bought items (Delsin) - finally complete.

The scabbard's been rather easy so far. Managed to nail the perfect width (after some adjustment cutting) on the second bit of foam. All I need to do now is wrap/glue the same red vinyl-like material I used on the sword's hilt around the whole thing, then cut out the embellishments out of craft foam and paint them the right colour.

27th April 2014: Updating Again! More updates!

- Bracers are finished. They don't look as smooth as they really should be but, seeing as I could only get out of town to get gesso a couple of days ago, they'll do. If they ever get remade, they're getting gesso'd before painting!

- Boots are almost done. Just tried a new method of fixing the chunkier caps to the brace (UHU glue and A LOT of dressmaking pins to hold it in place while it dried) and, after two coats of gesso, I managed to put the boots on with none of them falling off. Painting's up next and, fingers crossed, they'll stay on while I'm wearing them in London.

- The armour pattern's been cut in half and separated at the shoulder to create a flat template that'll act as an all-in-one pattern (two full shapes for the bottom layer, then draw out the front section twice end-to-end to make the top layer). I'll likely end up needing to buy another of these camping mats to have enough foam for the scabbard later.

14th April 2014: Jumpsuit's Coming Along... Using my limited sewing-fu, I managed to switch out the tacking stitches for actual seams. On the whole, there's not too many phases left to get this bit done; finishing work on the sleeves (make sure they sit right, pad out the shoulders slightly) being the main thing. But, it seems there aren't too many purple concealed/invisible zips in the world. Who knew? :D

Update: Found one!

6th April 2014: Time Trickles By... - Boots

The basic shape of the braces are glued on. A few of my fingertips despaired at the hot glue and, right now, the whole unpainted/unprimed braces look like a bit of a mess. Hopefully, what I've already got to do the next step will also help to smooth out the shape.

- Breastplate

Cannibalised a t-shirt as a mount for a duct tape pattern. Still gotta draw on the basic shape and generally follow tutorials to make the thing. I'll likely order some more Worbla and use it along with craft foam to make this.

Hopefully, I won't lose track of time too badly! xD

1st April 2014: Progress(?) It's not as much as I would have liked, but things are progressing. I'm getting taught how to work sewing machines and patterns for the purposes of making the jumpsuit, I've started to hot-glue on the foam board skeleton for the sword ready for expanding foam and the boots still need the "metal" (primed/painted craft foam) braces making and fixing on.

5th March 2014: Jumpsuit Pattern Found! Kwik Sew #3389! If someone on the website I spotted it on used it for a Chell cosplay, then I can do it for Teepo! Thankfully, I know a place in town where I might be able to get/order it. :D

1st March 2014: The Ordering Begins! Guess this is kind of a thing now.

Got ideas for the gloves, following the same principle for the Aeon cosplay to try and make Teepo's boots and ordered the wig from Coscraft. So... all the really tricky bits aren't started yet. Yyyyeah, sounds like par for the course for me!

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ChibiMatsu - 18th July 2013
B...B.....B.....B..BR....B.....RRR BREATH OF FIRE! Xp legend

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Clockwork Fairy - 12th December 2013
Would love to see this finished! :D

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Mothfox - 5th January 2014
Epic i always like to see some breath of fire cosplays ^_^

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KakarotVersion5 - 1st April 2014
Coming along nicely!

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Namine - 21st May 2014
looks good :)

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MadlyScientific - 31st May 2014
Looks really good, loving the sword!

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blissfulbanana - 8th June 2014
looks awesome, sword looks fab xD

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Kyuipo - 15th July 2014
so awesome *O* <3

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BlueberryTale - 9th October 2014
Great work on this!

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Ranmaru cosplays - 16th October 2014
yaaaaaaaaay teepo cosplay XD and you look great :D

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White Tigress - 26th February 2015
Awesome :D Love the sword!

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ToroSonyCat - 22nd July 2015
Looks awesome!

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ShadowofShinra - 13th January 2016
Great job, all looks really good and accurate from what I can tell from the reference. Nice work on the armour and sword especially.