Cosmo the Seedrian
Sonic X

Cosplayer: LittlePidgey4

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd May 2012: Skirt Finished I first made the waistband out of white fabric with a strip that's folded in half and uses hook fasteners.

For each of the petals I got two strips of white fabric, sewed on the green piece on the bottom, and then I sewed two of those together and turned them inside out to keep the seams inside.

I then sewed them in the waistband while hemming it. With just 6 petals it wasn't enough of a skirt so I had to make 6 more and sewed them on the inside of the waistband. I also used some safety pins to keep the petals together like a skirt.

12th May 2012: Top Finished I measured what dimensions I wanted each part of the top to be, and I cut out the body and arm pieces out of green felt/fleece. I sewed the body pieces together on the shoulders and sides.

I then sewed the arm pieces to the shoulders and then sewed along the bottom of the arms.

I added a collar to the neck and also stuck on velcro to secure it infront of my neck when wearing it. I cut out the yellow pieces and sewed on the cuffs and the rim along the bottom. I then carefully cut along them to give them smooth edges.

For the gem I cut out the shape from red foam sheet and painted on red and white acrylic paint. I then used tabs of velcro to attach it to the front.

5th May 2012: Flowers Finished These were made out of two polystyrene cones which were painted red and yellow for base colours. I then wrapped them in pieces of red, green, and yellow foam sheets and sticked them on with double-sided sticky tape. They were then stuck to a green hairband with more tape on the bottom.

The greens of the foam and the wig don't quite match but it matches better than the other green foam I had. They're also slighty different sizes at the bottoms which is from where I had to add more yellow foam to both to make sure the colours and shapes matched.

3rd May 2012: Shoes Finished I bought a plain white pair of shoes from New Look, then I painted them with green acrylic paint with a couple of layers on the top, and one layer on the soles.

30th April 2012: Wig Finished The wig was bought from eBay seller cosplaywig2010. I put the wig on to trim the fringe and tidied that and trimmed the rest with it on the wig head. I also perfected how I wear wigs by using some moisture in my hair and also using lots of bobby pins to hold my hair into the wig cap.

Cosmic⋆Star avatar

Cosmic⋆Star - 8th January 2011
This would be interesting to see.
I don't think I've ever seen a Cosmo cosplayer.

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 15th November 2011
awww you're gonna be such a cute cosmo hun!!! ^^ We'll come protect you as the knights! Sir Percival at your service ^^