Fire Emblem

Cosplayer: Pandora-Chi

Variant: SSBB

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

4th April 2014: Shirt Whoops! only just realised I never uploaded a journal entry about the shirt ^^;; my bad... time to make up for loss time ;D

For a start, drafting the shirt was a pain in the arse as I had to take in the bust size quite a bit cos the pattern had waaay bigger measurements from my own and further complications were added when I had to figure out how to fasten the damn thing baring in mind of the gold binding on the shirt. I somehow came up with the solution to sew in an open ended zip and bondaweb strips of PVC. This took much precision and time ¬.¬

As for the swirly details on the shirt, I didn't feel right painting it so I chose to embroider it all (This pattern continued from one side of the shirt across the back and to the other) May have sounded tedious but after embroidering over 4ms of stencils and using over 29 skeins from when I did Rapunzel, the design on Marth's shirt was quick only using 9 lots of thread( from what I can remember?) XD Kinda regretted I didn't use a more visible blue colour but I'm not prepared to make the shirt all over again X<

After all those bits were constructed and shirt lined etc. the 'chain' detailing on top of the gold PVC was left to do. After doing a small fabric test, I achieved this by using bondaweb and spandex (since I didn't have access to a different gold PVC colour).
After drawing out a stencil, I painstakingly sat there to cut out all those tiny holes and finally ironed it all into place. In the end I was quite pleased with what I made :D

12th August 2013: Sheath Construction summary in a quick nut shell:

1. Used an A1 piece of acrylic board (I fudged up the shape twice so was happy I had enough to remake the body) and cut to right shape after measurements
2. Scored edges of fold and stuck pieces together with hot glue
3. Draw the space where the central gold pattern was gonna be. Cut the top to form the triangle dip for sword placement
4. Used Masking tape and papier mached the edges for extra strength. (Whilst avoiding the central area for a smooth paintable surface) After wrapped ' newspaper' sections in craft foam. Added a strip of craft foam for top of sheath
5. Sealed foam
6. Painted and sealed paint job
7. Added gold bits using PVC and left over acrylic board

I Regret not taking that many photos upon the construction of this cos I was in a mad mad rush and this was stressing me out @_@ It was only until I painted the gold pattern and added the other gold bits, I began to like it XD Am considering to remake this but still not bad for my first sheath :)

28th July 2013: Sword (From left to right process after calculations and drafting shape on paper)

1. Cut 3 similar pieces from foam board. 2 of which had the middle part cut out. Stuck 3 pieces together
2. Bevelled edges ('Wings' being a particular pain)
3. Polyfilled and sanded
4. papier mached
5. Polyfilled again to remove papier mache bumpiness
6. Gessoed
7. Painted
8. Weathered, sealed and stuck on casted resin gems

Overall thoughts: Bloody tedious to make *glares at wings* Learnt loads for my first ever home made sword but pleased with how it looked after weathering to define the edges that became lost after painting :)

27th July 2013: Cape and casted brooch I'm sure all cosplayers who choose to do this version of Marth have all gone, WTF is that symbol at the back of his cape!? Like u get the lion and unicorn but I have no feckin idea what the middle is supposed to be! :/ No joke, this pretty much carries that tradition of how awkward FE cosplays are ¬.¬

So needless to say, I had to improvise parts, however, when I drew the thing out, it might have just been me or it was nintendo's intention but the more I analysed the symbol, I started to see a man fighting a dragon... To me this would make a lot of sense if you had played Shadow dragon or more likely Awakening. I stuck with this logic so I after drawing the thing on tracing paper, I simplified it down and traced the design on bondaweb which I then transferred onto blue polycotton and satin stitched round the edges. It gave surprising nice results than as opposed to painting it as I didn't want to ruin the fabric which had a nice matte but shiny finish ;D ... I totally cannot sew a unicorn and lion - they look so fat and ugly!! OTL

After the pain with the applique, figuring out the shape of the cape wasn't easy... Much experimentation later, I discovered the way it drapes in the game is not at all possible to how it sits in real life. To get that lovely rouging effect, with the cape front swinging to the side and hanging evenly at the back, I had to sew this cape in 4 parts. There are probably easier methods but its as good as I can get it. To finish, the brooch is casted with resin and base made from worbla :D

11th July 2013: Pauldrons and breast plate This was terrifying for 2 reasons.
1. I've never made body armour
2. The scale and curves had to be just right without making the whole thing look like cardboard (particularly the breast plate which I personally think is rather gay XD)

Following Kamui's method to drafting out armour patterns, I manage to work out a way to make the pieces not too big and how to define shape. (darts works wonder)
I pretty much winged it and was quite pleased with the result. Cos of worbla, it was surprisingly easy to construct the whole thing. Just rather time consuming when it got to the polyfilling and sanding... It was made less fun that I was out in the hot sun trying to make white armour smooth. My sun glasses did not help my eyes lol
After several hours of repeating this tedious process of filling and sanding, it was on with the painting and weathering. The swirly designs (Which I had to draw out 4 times for the pauldrons (as I noticed the underside had patterns too) were drawn on with 3D paint to make it easier than using rolled up worbla. They were later defined when I weathered the armour which made such a difference! Finally I sealed the pieces with clear spray which made it super shiny but protected the paint work well :D

27th June 2013: Belt and buckle charm I couldn't find anything in the right or appropriate shade so I decided to hacked a couple of really cheap belts and covered them in some left over suede I had. I just love the feel of them than them being made from leather or pleather :D

As for the charm, I first casted the brown oval thing from resin to determine how large the actual thing was going to be. Next, was the drafting of the rather awkward squished octagon... this took a while to get right translating a 2D object to 3D ¬.¬
I musta drew out 5 nets before I got something workable!! After a bit of frustration, making it wasn't too bad cos I decided to work with worbla so that the edges will stick clean. :) Then the last step was to give it a paint job, seal it and attach it to the belt ;)

Quite pleased with how this turned out I have to say ^^ I love it mostly cos it brings out my waist XD

17th June 2013: Gauntlets The more I focused on the gloves, the more I saw them as two parts. For the sake of making it easier I decided to make separate gloves and gauntlets.

Marth has 4 straps along the gauntlets and this is where the boot straps came in XD After making the gauntlets out of leathertte to match the gloves, I measured and hacked the straps and luckily had enough to do 8 pieces ;)

The only thing I don't like are the buckles as they're not sitting right but I can't do anything about that now XD

14th June 2013: Boots When I carefully analysed Marths boots I noticed they were not really a long pair of boots; instead two small shoes with some weird leather like leg warmers coming out of them ¬.¬ ... so knowing this, the plan to was to let a pair of base shoes I could work with and make the 'leg warmers' out of leatherette... However, any base shoes I found were too pricy so my other alternative plan was to get a pair I owned and make shoe covers for them.

Then suddenly, I came across one of those rare cosplay miracle accidents. As I looked through what shoes I had as a base, there were a pair of boots I owned that I hadn't worn for a while cos the sole was giving in (In fact I actually threw them away ages ago but my parents rescued them - which I am grateful for!!) Though the heel wasn't correct, I noticed it not only had a split seam so it gives the illusion of it being one shoe with something protruding outta it but it was rouging! on top of this, they came with leather straps!! (which I'll explain what happened to them in the next entry)

So with these almost perfect boots, I cut the straps, gave them a blue paint job, hand sewed leatherette for the top, stuck strips of leatherette and craft foam pieces to the base and walla! :D

27th May 2013: Glove Never made a pair of gloves using the 'ridges between the fingers' with leatherette so to be safe got a scrap piece of something in a similar material and drafted it out roughly. After two scrap tests, I got my pair of gloves. To reinforce the 'holes' in the gloves I decided to satin stitch the big one and use eyelets for the knuckles....
Er they're not only a bit of a squeeze to get into but not exactly comfy... My only hope is they'll hold up as I discovered that leathertte rips easy ^^;;;

1st January 2013: Wig and tiara Honestly what self respecting man wears a tiara????

First thing I tackled was this made using spandex and craft foam - may want to remake it later as it was done in a rush too OTL For now will have to do. Wig styled quickly. The colour I think is a little bright but it's close enough ...

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 2nd July 2013
about time! ^_^ Can't wait to see how you do this as I love Marth so much. Can't wait to see progress.

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 2nd July 2013
YES! OMG YES <3 Can't wait for thisss <3
As Ive pestered hope I can still join you as Sheeda 8'D

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 2nd July 2013
YAY! Yes you need to do this, you'll make an amazing Marth! You're gonna do so awesomely ;w;

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 2nd July 2013
Can't wait to see this and I must cosplay as Ike with you sometime :)

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 2nd July 2013
@ SamanthaKaiba: I'm too much of a scary ass Marth fan girl to pass of a chance to cosplay him :D Finger crossed it'll go well x
@ Solaria: YES YES YES YES!! OF COURSE YOU CAN!! I'll be happy to have a beautiful 'waifu' by my side!! If you decide to cosplay as Sheeda it'll give me a bigger incentive to make a start Marth! <3 Cannot wait!
@ Kirarayumi: Aww thank you lovely! I hope I can do this justice! :)
@ Ichigo-Chan: No matter how long it may be I'm excited for you to cosplay him as much as I am with Marth!

Ahh it'll be like one happy, confused family XD

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 11th August 2013
so much beautiful progress...loving everything

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 2nd September 2013
you were such a cute marth, and your costume was lovely. i was too shy to say so at Aya XD

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 4th April 2014
You look amazing! Wish I could have seen this in person~

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 6th April 2014
Such a great Marth waaah! One day I will see this in person!!