League Of Legends

Cosplayer: Yuka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd September 2013: Sword Riven's sword. I found a papercraft pattern for Riven online, blew up the size by about 200% and then cut it out and stuck it together to check the size proportions first. When I was happy with it, I made the base structure out of cardboard and hot glue. Strengthened it inside with a metal rod and expanding foam. Covered it with papier mache and gesso. Sanded it then covered it with polyfiller. Then painted it haphazardly at the convention.

Overall a really rushed job, the paint job definitely isn't finished either. I want to remake this soooo badly!

3rd September 2013: Misc Parts Leg armour
Pattern was printed out from a Riven papercraft I found online. I transferred this onto Worbla but using only one layer was too thin and when trying to attach the pieces they would stick and warp into each other. I strengthend the overall piece by sandwiching two layers of Worbla between a sheet of craftfoam. To remove the Worbla texture I gave it several layers of gesso, sanded it, and then added a few layers of polyfiller which I also sanded. Then then fun part - the paint job
I also attached D-rings and used velcro straps inspired by one of Kamui's tutorials for attachment, but hot glue or superglue isn't enough to hold them on their own and they broke on the day I wore it - integrating the D rings into the structure or attaching more securely with strips of Worbla seems to be key.

Basic underbust corset, same pattern I used for Mami from Madoka. Bust this out in about an hour. I ran out of metal boning so I used polyester rigiline which actually worked a lot better than I was expecting. The white details are actually a shoelace I cut up and stitched down because I was cutting corners due to time constraints and couldn't be bothered making my own bias LOL

The Gauntlet
I went through a few different design decisions on this one. Although I was using the Chinese artwork for Riven as my main reference image, I didn't really like the design for the gauntlet so I went with the EU splash art instead. The cuff is made from thick plastazote and it's covered with worbla, similar to how I made my gauntlets for Cammy. The cloth part structure underneath is made from Worbla for strength, and then holes are cut out for the glowing shape and LEDs are attached underneath. I didn't have time to order green acetate so I cut up a Highland Spring water bottle and used the plastic from that to diffuse the light. Then I appliquéd the design onto a cloth covering for this section and cut out the parts to allow light to escape through.

3rd September 2013: Shoulder Pauldron part 2 1st picture - Sanding and base coats of paints were down.

2nd picture - Adding the rings to attach the brown shoulder wrap. The shoulder wrap was made out of the last scraps of my polyester suede that I used for my Lalafell cosplay, so unfortunately I didn't have QUITE enough so it's shorter than I wanted. I'll be remaking it for sure. I couldn't find a lighter so I sat at 4 in the morning with a packet of matches trying to burn my costume while laughing hysterically on skyp to one of my league buddies.

3rd picture - IT'S FINISHED! Paint job on the front

4th picture - And LEDs on the back

3rd September 2013: Shoulder Pauldron part 1 1st picture - Cardboard base structure. This was changed a few times after this picture since it was too long and not rounded enough on the bottom cuff. I also had to add the spikes to it.

2nd picture - Expanding foam always looks so stupid lol. I covered the cardboard with expanding foam to bulk it up quickly, add strength while still keeping it light weight. Also I had a can kicking about the house so it was free haha

3rd picture - Carved down the shape of the pauldron. While watching LCS and thinking to myself "I want to play games, why am I making costumes whyyyyy"

4th picture - This was where I was at, with 3 days to go to the convention. I still had to sand (NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE HOW LONG SANDING TAKES OMFG) and paint (DITTO) everything, plus make Riven's toga, her weird shoulder wrap thing, install LEDs, style her wig, sort out something for her shoes... etc

11th June 2013: References All of the reference artwork is inconsistent, so I took parts from each that I liked. My main reference source was the in-game model and a papercraft model of that.

The links I used for reference mainly during this project were:

Papercraft: http://portaldragon.deviantart.com/art/Riven-Classic-Skin-template-316850697

Model Viewer: http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=92&skin=0

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 3rd September 2013
I loved seeing this on the Friday, it looked so badass!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 3rd September 2013
Looking great so far!! :)

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Kinreal - 16th April 2014

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Amy-Lou - 29th October 2019
Such a cool costume, the oversized props and electronics are really striking!