Kazekage Gaara
Naruto: Shippuden [Manga]

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Battlesuit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th August 2010: Photo from Cosplay Camping Trip ~

26th October 2008: Gourd at MCM A bit of wear and tear...

23rd October 2008: This will do for now! I will buy better straps to wrap around the middle at a later date.

15th October 2008: Finished sanding the gourd, just waiting for it to dry. ~

10th October 2008: Started sanding the gourd... ~

1st October 2008: Gourd Progress Newspaper layer.

(For some reason I put the "shopping list" for my Gourd on my Genin Gaara costume rather than this one, even though I intended for it to be my Shippuden gourd. xD)

1st October 2008: Start of the Gourd It's made with beach balls! xD

30th September 2008: Buckle Broke! But I fixed it with superglue~

17th July 2008: Altered Sandals Added a small bit in-between my first and second toe to make the sandals more accurate.

15th July 2008: Haircut Had my hair cut to suit Gaara's more~

12th July 2008: Costume Arrived ~

5th July 2008: Pose Idea Visited Bushy Park with a friend and discovered some cool pose ideas. :)

4th July 2008: Cos-Test Thing Yep.

9th June 2008: Dyed my hair. ~

26th May 2008: Makeup test. Start of Gaara~

26th April 2008: First Makeup Test First attempt~ I know the forehead symbol's in black here, I'll get something red to put it on with soon enough.