kingdom hearts

Cosplayer: KawaiixFukuro

Variant: Kingdom Heart 2

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st April 2013: The Start At the minute I'm making the Keyblade which has proven it's 'a lot to get your head round' when putting pieces together, however it seems to be coming on great despite the fact it will be my second weapon made :)

I haven't started on the cosplay clothes yet because I'm too focused on this but I'll start soon saying it's the Easter holidays :) Also I might be wearing this for London MCM May or October and in Gamescon in Cologne, Germany~ I just couldnt change the sign :3

venterrqua avatar

venterrqua - 29th May 2014
This looks awesome! Riku's KH2 outfit is one of the best, hopefully see you there :D

KawaiixFukuro avatar

KawaiixFukuro - 15th October 2014
N'awww thank you! c: I'm really sorry I couldn't attend in the end :(