Mitsuru Kirijo
Persona 4 Arena

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 27th March 2013
Hngnnngngngnnngngng you will suit Mitsuru so much!

I haven't seen many arena Misturus, and the costume seems more of a challenge than the school uniform, so I personally think you should do that :) plus you get to wear a fur coat all day, perfect for winter cons XD

Storme avatar

Storme - 27th March 2013
Ha, when you were asking for suggestions a while back I actually thought about suggesting Mitsuru. Seems like an excellent fit to me!

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 28th March 2013
It's just that cosplaying someone I have a major crush on feels a bit like narcissism. But it wouldn't be the first time...

Hot Beef Injection avatar

Hot Beef Injection - 30th August 2013
Love this character. I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park.

Storme avatar

Storme - 30th August 2013
*makes exciting cheering noises*

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 16th September 2013
You'll make a fantastic Mitsuru! :)

Any idea when you're planning this for? It would be awesome to get a Persona group together if we manage to synchronise events!

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 17th September 2013
I'm aiming to do the P4A outfit for Minamicon, and get a group together for that, but I'm aware that not everybody can make it to Minami so I might see if people in the group are up for a re-wear (I might do Mitsuru's school uniform for any summer events as huge fur coat is not sensible summer wear)

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 17th September 2013
Don't think I can do Minami, but if you're up for some Persona cosplay group action at Kita I'm totally up for that! Gutted I'll miss the P4A version though! :(

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 12th February 2014
Not familiar with the character but the design is awesome. I'm sure you'll look amazing. ^_^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 27th March 2014
So beautiful, you really suit that wig. Lovin' the coat, how many polar bears did you slaughter for it? :P

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 31st March 2014
I am in absolutely no way responsible for the reduction in polar bear population